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Kerrisdale Restart Plan - June 2020 – Our Five Step Plan

Step One - Before School

  • Parents/guardians complete “Daily Health Check” on child/children before leaving home and entering school. Students and staff must not enter Kerrisdale School sick (as per letter).
  • Students arrive on time at school based on assigned entry times. 
  • Students line up outside school in their designated meeting area until they are led inside the school by a teacher/staff member at 9:00 am via entry/exit plan (see entry/exit plan below). Watch for physical distancing marks on ground and fences in meeting areas. Strict physical distancing required (2 meters) for all adults at all times. Please review this with your child.
  • Parents are asked to say good bye to their child at the sidewalk and watch students enter line up at their assigned spot.
  • Kindergarten parents/guardians can wait with children before and after school but must not enter school.
  •  Parents/family members can only enter school with appointment by Principal or designate.
  • Students are to bring lunches and all food and materials for the day; please label all containers and utensils, no deliveries or drop offs during the day. We encourage families to pack a litter less lunch when possible.
  • All students need a water bottle as fountains are closed
  • All students, staff and visitors must wash or sanitize hands upon entry to school.
  • Late students enter via front door and wait outside of office for staff direction, parents do not come into the school with their child.
  • Students will be dismissed at 2:50 pm or3:00 pm. Students will be walked back out of school by staff to their designated meeting areas. Parents please arrange a place to meet your child.
  • Parents/guardians who come to school for pick up child need to wait in designated meeting area for their child. Adults must follow 2 meter physical distancing expectation at all times.
  • All students and parents/guardians are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to leave the school/school grounds after school is dismissed at 3:00 pm. Large groups of parents and students gathering after school compromises everyone’s safety.   
  • Principal/support staff will supervise outside after school until 3:15 pm. However, social distancing of adults is expected AT ALL TIMES on VSB school grounds.
  • School doors will be locked at 3:15pm because school needs to be cleaned. There will be no access to the school for children once they have exited the school (no bathrooms after 3pm).

Step Two – In School

  • Students will spend most of their day in their assigned class and outside. Gym is closed. Assemblies or large gatherings will not be held in our school.
  • Masks may be worn by students but will not be provided. We expect respect for all people wearing mask in our community at all times.  
  • Signs posted to encourage all students to “stay right” walking down hallways and going up and down stairs.
  • All students have been assigned staircases
  • Physical distancing maximized and physical touch minimized. Shared materials limited.
  • Strict physical distancing for adults in our school and on school grounds at all times.
  • Students need to label personal items. Please bring a labelled water bottle. Our bottle fill stations are open, our water fountains are closed.

Step Three – Recess

  • Recess will be at two different times to maximize physical distancing and minimize physical touch. Students will be assigned an area of the playground and with an effort to reduce large groups from gathering.
  • Students will be walked outside and back inside for recess by a staff member according to entry/exit plan.  Students will use the same exit and entrance all day.
  • Play structures including swings will be open. Play areas will be organized.
  • Students will be brought back into school by staff member according to entry/exit plan.
  • Students will wash/sanitize hands when they re-enter building.
  • Students will eat lunch in classroom with staff supervision. No lunchroom use.
  • Students wash hands before eating
  • Classrooms tables will be wiped down after students have eaten.
  • Lunch times will be organized to maximize physical distancing and minimize physical touch and with efforts to reduce large groups from gathering. There will be two different lunch times for students.
  • Students will be walked outside and back inside for outdoor play time at lunch by a staff member according to entry/exit plan.  Play structures including swings will be open. 
  • Students will wash/sanitize hands when they re-enter building.

Step Four – Lunch

Step Five - After School


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