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OPEN!!! DIRECT DRIVE 2021/2022

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Your PAC executive continues to adapt to the many changes that the last couple of years have thrust upon us. Historically, our main fundraiser has always been our hot lunch program; however, as we work to safely restart this program, we are launching a Direct Drive Campaign. Tax receipts come directly to your inbox from the VSB.

 This campaign is led by the PAC to collect monetary donations to help fund school programs. We want to ensure that our children have access to the educational and technological tools they need to enhance their learning experience. By using Direct Drive funds to provide additional learning resources, we will help foster their curiosity and imagination. Together we can create a fun, safe, and engaging learning environment that meets the diverse needs of Kerrisdale students. 

 This year, our goal is to raise $30,000 for the following initiatives that have been identified by our teachers:


  • Technology Fund - iPads, tech carts, projectors, apple TV and laptop leases
  • Outdoor Equipment – sports and exploring
  • Classroom Upgrades – mounting projectors
  • Learning Resources – support for S.T.E.A.M. Education
  • Virtual Events - field trips, dance programs and online education


 1.      Please click     

2.      Log-in to your School Cash Online account to DONATE at anytime

3.      Select or enter donation

4.      Fund Destination: E-Kerrisdale PAC

5.      Enter “PAC - Direct Drive” in the message box


We understand that this year may look different for your family than previous years so any donation would be greatly appreciated. All donations are kept confidential.

 The Direct Drive will be our main fundraiser this year, so please join us in trying to make this very unusual year a safe and fun one for all of our children and teachers!

 Thank you for your generous support!




 Parent Advisory Council

Kerrisdale Elementary School

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