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Volunteering is fun and rewarding. Below are some opportunities to help out and a chance to better know teachers, administration and other families within our school community.

FUEL Day Coordinator(s)

Tuesdays are FUEL Hot Lunch days and one of our biggest fundraisers for the school. The PAC is looking for several people to share the responsibility of coordinating the delivery of hot lunch to students. For example: 4 people could each take one Tuesday a month!!

Job Description:

  • Arrive at 11:30am and finished by 12:45pm
  • Coordinate packaging and delivery of food to classroom
  • Coordinate the other volunteers to ensure that all tasks are done
  • While students are eating, assist in providing condiments if needed and monitor/collect garbage
  • This is a fun and social job with a great chance to meet other parents

If you are interested, contact Kerrisdale PAC at

Wheely Wednesdays Coordinator(s)

Are you enthusiastic about walking and wheeling to school and have some creative ideas about how to encourage more families to do so? If so, Wheely Wednesdays is looking for you! It does not have to be every Wednesday. Once a month, twice a month, any amount is great.

Job Description:

  • Come up with creative ways to promote walking and wheeling to school
  • Coordinate contests and prizes for students who walk and wheel to school
  • Coordinate any other volunteers that might be needed to make Wheely Wednesday happen 

If you are interested, contact Kerrisdale PAC at

Technology Health & Safety Helper(s)

The school is looking for a few parents to help prevent those pesky germs from spreading by wiping down the computer and iPad carts once a week. A group of people can rotate the responsibility and the timing of the job is completely flexible. A perfect after drop off or before pick up task.

Job Description:

  • Use cleaning wipes to clean the keyboards and screens of the computer and iPad carts in the school library
  • Flexible schedule although end of the week would be best
  • Must take place during school hours

If you are interested, contact Kerrisdale PAC at

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