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September 29 - Student Bulletin

September 28 - Update Video #1 from the Counsellors

September 28 - Regarding School Photos 

Student photos are now available for viewing/ordering on the Artona website at

You will need an Online Code which is your student’s MyEd Student Number plus birth date (for example, if the student number is 1234567 and the birth date is June 26th, the online code will be 123456726).

ID Cards will be issued during a 1-1 Face-to-Face class in Mid-October.

Once a date for retakes has been determined, we will send an email.

Sept 28 - Student Bulletin 

Sept 24 - Student Bulletin

Sept 23 - Hey Killarney Students

Would you like to be a part of something new and exciting at Killarney? Would you like to be a member of a group who task is to foster community at our school? Do you want to add to your already impressive resumé? Apply to be a member of Killarney’s Council of Students (formerly Student Government). Apply by filling out the form at the link below. There will be no elections, and no campaigns, just a random selection of vetted applicants. Do you want to be a part of something big? Apply now.

Deadline for application Thursday, October 1, 2020

Sept 23 - Reminder - 

Due to CoVID protocols, our forms have been updated.

In order for us to process the necessary data, we have combined several forms onto ONE for your convenience. You only need to fill this main form out one time at the beginning of this school year. This data will remain with the office only and will not be given out.

ALL PARENTS of students going to Killarney this year are asked to fill this form out by no later than September 30, 2020: KILLARNEY ALL-IN ONE SURVEY FORM Click here to fill it out:

Please note that if you have more than 1 student attending, a form must be completed for EACH STUDENT.

Sept 23 - ELL PARENT INFO NIGHT - September 28

Sept 18 - Message from Ms. K. Thomson - 

Killarney Equity Space to begin Monday, September 21

For students with limited access to a digital device, Killarney is pleased to announce the opening of our new supervised Equity Space in the library. Computer access for up to 15 students at a time will be available during Flex Block A and Flex Block B by sign up.  Additional times may be added in future, depending on demand.  Access is by sign up only (NO drop-ins allowed) to control numbers and allow for physical distancing.  You will be required to sign in, sanitize your hands, and your keyboard and mouse before AND after using a computer, and SIGN OUT.  All students and staff are required to wear a mask at all times and physically distance.  No food or drink is allowed. The use of the Equity Space is a privilege that may be revoked if the rules as stated above are not followed.

The sign-up sheet will be posted outside the library on Monday morning.   Please speak to your counselor if you do not have access to a device at home and would like to request the loan of a school device.  

Sept 17 - Message from Ms. K. Thomson - Daily Health Assessment Checklist

Dear Killarney parents and students,

The Daily Health Assessment checklist has been updated by the BCCDC and the VSB and a copy is attached to this message.  This updated checklist explains what to do if you answer “YES” to ONE of the questions included under “Key Symptoms of Illness” (excluding fever).  It also gives further guidance to families if you answered “YES” to two or more of the questions under “Key Symptoms of Illness” OR if the student has a fever.

Please review the new checklist, and download a copy to refer to when you do the daily health assessment with your child before sending them to school.

You DO NOT need to sign again agreeing to conduct the daily health assessment.  The signed copy you have already sent back to school is on file. 

 Sept 17 & 18 - REMINDER TO ALL STUDENTS - PHOTO DAY will be taking place over 2 days (September 17 & 18) Please see schedule in "Photo Day" link above.  Another link will be provided for parents to purchase photos through Artona Studios soon after.  Your patience is appreciated.

Sept 16 - Killarney Chinese Parent Workshop on Teams introducing Killarney Secondary School and its website.  Welcome to click on the link to join online on

Wednesday, September 23, 6:00 – 7:30 p.m.

For any further information, please feel free to call:

Ms. Josephine Wei (VSB Settlement Workers in School) phone: 778-871-5894

Ms. Margaret Moo (VSB Multicultural Liaison Worker – Local Students) phone: 604-754-0364

Ms. Molly Fong (VSB Multicultural Liaison Worker – International Students) phone: 604-809-2197

Sept 14 -  Auditions!!  Auditions for Mainstage.  This year we will be doing Alice in Wonderland. Come audition on Thurs Sept 24th.  Pick up audition info and sign up outside C105.  Any questions please see Mr.Rocchetta or Ms. Tuson in C105 or C106.  Don't miss out!!


Orange Shirt - Letter (Chas Desjarlais) sept 11.pdf

Orange Shirt Day Poster 2020.pdf

ORANGE T order form 2020 with scan code sep 10.pdf

IE - Sept 2020 - Orange Shirt Day.pdf


Killarney Weekly Youth Activities Sept 14-Sept 18.pdf

Killarney Youth Programs COVID FAQ.pdf

Sept 11 - Letter from Principal Kal Gill

Sept 9 - VIDEO MESSAGE TO GRADE 8'S - Grade 8 MyEd troubleshooting and schedules.mp4 - video specific to Grade 8 students only.

Sept 9 - HOW TO READ MY SCHEDULE - Quarterly Rotations explained.pdf-  Please read this info sheet to help you decipher your 1-1/1-2, A/B, Face to Face (F2F) and Remote times.

Sept 9 - There have been numerous calls regarding access to MyEd and password resets.  All students must use their VSB email in order to reset their passwords.  The VSB email is generally the student number as follows  If your MyEd account has any other email address , you will not be able to reset your password as the temporary password only gets delivered to the VSB email.  We expect each student to look after their account and access their MyEd at any time.  It is up to each individual student to maintain their accounts.  If you are new to these, click on this link located under Family Portal to start your MyEd account:

If you have followed all the instructions and tried your best but are still having difficulty, please contact your appropriate Grade Administrator:

Grade 8 & 12 students - VP - Ms. Katrina Thomson - Email:

Grade 9 & 11 students - VP - Mr. Tom Myring - Email:

Grade 10 - VP - Ms. Darlene Hughes - Email:

Sept 8 - Message sent via phone to Grade 8 Parents & Students:  Due to the fact that the timetable is still being adjusted, many student schedules may still change.  Therefore, contrary to our earlier message, we will NOT print out all grade 8 schedules this time.  Please login to MyEd BC to view your schedule and check it again on Thursday morning before coming to school to make sure you have the most up to date schedule.  We apologize for this confusion. The timetable is extremely complicated this year due to splitting classes into two halves.  Thank you for your patience.

Sept 8 - Once you are able to see your schedule, we suggest that you take a screen shot of your schedule on your phone or print it out at home so that you have it available when you come to school.   We do not have the ability to print out individual schedules for students who did not bring theirs.  Thank you.

As of 2:00 pm - September 4, 2020:

Sept 4 -  Letter from Ms. K. Thomson -  This letter contains important information regarding orientation days on September 10 and 11, specific to Grade 8 students. 

Grade 8 Orientation - Video Presentation - prepared by Ms. K. Thomson & Mr. O. Goncalves for Grade 8 specifically, however, ALL GRADES will find the information regarding the new Quarterly Schedule and new Safety Protocol beneficial for them as well.

Grade 8 Orientation - Powerpoint Presentation - digital version of video presentation.

Grade 8 Handbook  - General information for Grade 8's about Killarney Secondary.

Sept 4 - Information is forthcoming for Grade 8's - Your patience is appreciated as final details are being sorted out.  It is important to keep an eye on our website for the whole of the school year as we will be posting information for parents and students here.

Sept 2 - Newsletter re:  School Opening - Many details regarding the Student Orientation days (Sept 10 & 11) and the first official day of classes (Sept 14)

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