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Please take a few seconds to fill out the YEARBOOK SURVEYS.

Winners will be recognized and celebrated in the 2021 yearbook.

Vote for the students that make our community more vibrant and interesting.

Voting polls close on Feb 15, 2021.

Vote now, click the link below.

Grade 12:

Grade 11:

Grade 10:

Grade 9:

Grade 8:

Attention ALL GRADE 12 students - GRAD QUOTES NEEDED - DEADLINE Feb 15, 2021

ALL GRADS MUST complete their GRAD QUOTE for the 2021 Yearbook.

Quotes need to be between 25 – 75 words.

Special characters #$%*@ are not allowed (sorry).

No tags or tagging social media, (ie) #blah_blah or @blah_blah.

This is your parting message to Killarney Undergrads the Grads of 2021.

It is your chance to reminisce, thank a teacher or a friend, etc…

Everyone is asked to submit their quote before FEB 15, 2021.

Here is the link to submit your quote in Google Forms.

If you can’t access the Google form email your GRAD QUOTE to


Please see below for Antiracism resources for the month of February which include: Black History Month, Lunar New Year and Youth Council.

Black History Month - Several resources relevant to Black History Month for staff and students are available here:  

Lunar New Year  - February also brings us to Lunar New Year. Many resources are available on the web, and are focussed on Chinese New Year; however, it is important to remember many cultures celebrate Lunar New Year:

Sharepoint - Please remember to access our SharePoint site regularly to look for updates, resources, and professional development opportunities. In particular, the “highlighted resources” section includes further Black History resources you may wish to view.  

Second Annual Youth Forum - Planning for our second annual Youth Forum for Diversity has begun. Our theme is intersectionality so will be co-planning with our Social-Emotional Learning Department, Indigenous Education Department and Diversity Department (SOGI and Anti-Racism). We are excited to have 10 enthusiastic youth on the planning team to help ensure an agenda that is relevant to their peers. Our Youth Forum will tentatively comprise two online events, of about two hours each, on April 15 and May 5.  More information to follow as it is confirmed.   


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