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This page will contain messages from our Principal, Mr. Kal Gill with regard to information to be passed on to parents and students in the Killarney Secondary School community.  Documents will be in the order they are received.  We will endeavour to keep the community informed of policies, procedures as they become available.    It is important to keep an eye on our website for the whole of the school year as we will be posting information for parents and students here.  If you prefer to use your phone, please upload the Killarney App to receive similar updates.

WHO DO I CONTACT.pdf - A list of people to contact with your questions.

Sept 11 - Letter from Principal Kal Gill

                    Video #2 - Grade 8's only - from Mr. G & Ms. Thomson

Sept 10 - Reminder to fill out the Killarney All-in-One form 

Due to CoVID protocols, our forms have been updated.

In order for us to process the necessary data, we have combined several forms onto ONE for your convenience. You only need to fill this main form out one time at the beginning of this school year. This data will remain with the office only and will not be given out.

ALL PARENTS of students going to Killarney this year are asked to fill this form out by no later than September 30, 2020: KILLARNEY ALL-IN ONE SURVEY FORM Click here to fill it out:

Please note that if you have more than 1 student attending, a form must be completed for EACH STUDENT.

Sept 9 - VIDEO MESSAGE TO GRADE 8'S - Grade 8 MyEd troubleshooting and schedules.mp4 - video specific to Grade 8 students only.

Sept 9 - HOW TO READ MY SCHEDULE - Quarterly Rotations explained.pdf -  Please read this info sheet to help you decipher your 1-1/1-2, A/B, Face to Face (F2F) and Remote times.

Sept 9 - There have been numerous calls regarding access to MyEd and password resets.  All students must use their VSB email in order to reset their passwords.  The VSB email is generally the student number as follows  If your MyEd account has any other email address , you will not be able to reset your password as the temporary password only gets delivered to the VSB email.  We expect each student to look after their account and access their MyEd at any time.  It is up to each individual student to maintain their accounts.  If you are new to these, click on this link located under Family Portal to start your MyEd account:

If you have followed all the instructions and tried your best but are still having difficulty, please contact your appropriate Grade Administrator:

Grade 8 & 12 students - VP - Ms. Katrina Thomson - Email:

Grade 9 & 11 students - VP - Mr. Tom Myring - Email:

Grade 10 - VP - Ms. Darlene Hughes - Email:

Sept 4 -  Letter from Ms. K. Thomson -  This letter contains important information regarding orientation days on September 10 and 11, specific to Grade 8 students.

Grade 8 Orientation - Video Presentation - prepared by Ms. K. Thomson & Mr. O. Goncalves for Grade 8's specifically, however, ALL GRADES will find the information regarding the new Quarterly Schedule and new Safety Protocol beneficial for them as well.

Grade 8 Orientation - Powerpoint Presentation - digital version of video presentation.

Grade 8 Handbook  - General information for Grade 8's about Killarney Secondary.

Sept 2 - School Opening Newsletter containing pertinent information for the start of the school year.  Please take the time to read it as there are several changes to our school procedures.  Thank you.

Aug 26 - KGill - Letter to Parents and Students - re Sept start.pdf

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