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Happy World Teachers’ Day!

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Today on World Teachers’ Day we thank all teachers for being part of the District’s vision to inspire student success by providing innovative, caring and responsive learning environments.

Since 2018, in recognition of the work by teachers and their positive impact on the lives of students, the District created a student scholarship - in honour of all District teachers. Through the application process, students offer details about how educators impacted their learning journeys.

For example, a 2021 scholarship recipient and Gladstone Secondary graduate, Abbey Perley, shared how she found stability in her transition to high school thanks to her English teacher, Shirley Burdon. A second 2021 scholarship recipient and Tupper Secondary graduate, Rasheed Gonzales, wrote about his social studies teacher, Colin McLean, who inspired him to improve his writing.

What words come to mind when you think about favourite teachers? Hear a few of our responses:

In the coming months, the District will also celebrate support staff (November 5) and administrative and management staff (December 5). Scholarships in their honour are also available to graduating students. Each year, the District awards six scholarships to students to help them pursue their education and dreams.

Learn more about the recent recipients of the Teacher Recognition scholarship in acknowledgement of teachers’ dedication, passion and commitment to the profession.

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