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MyED BC - Student & Family Portal

Grade 9 to 12 (with existing accounts)

MyEd BC Student and Family Portal Access will re-open on September 8, 2020

Access to the Student and Family MyEd BC portal will re-open on Tuesday, September 8, 2020 following the rollover to the 2020-2021 school year.

If you try to access MyEd BC before September 8th it will tell you that your account has expired. However, once the portal re-opens, your password should work to give you access. Please double-check that you are using your current password so that you do not get locked out of your account. Multiple incorrect attempts to login may cause your account to become locked.

Please use the "I forgot my password" function if you are not sure of your password. A temporary password will be sent to your VSB email address which is your student number You can also review MyEd BC instructions on the Killarney website under the Students Tab, or the Parents Tab. 

If you are having difficulty logging to MyEd BC AFTER September 8, please contact your grade administrator.

You can check your timetable on MyEd BC but please be advised that it may still change. If you are missing a course, or summer school results mean your timetable is now incorrect, counselors will be available on an email basis to meet with you by appointment. Please check the Killarney Newsletter on our website for information on counselors availability.

Killarney - Technology Tools Guide .pdfKillarney - Technology Tools Guide .pdf 

Set MyEd BC Password for First time.pdfSet MyEd BC Password for First time.pdf

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