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Grade 11

Message from Ms. Glynianyi - May 5, 2020:

Hi Grade 11's,

The two options for taking classes over the summer have now been established.  

Option 1:  Due to Covid-19, VSB Summer School will be different this summer. There will be no elementary, gifted, French Immersion, preview or remedial courses this summer. VSB Summer School will be limited to popular Grade 10-12 Completion courses towards graduation. Registration from the VSB Summer School website page will open on May 11th, and is limited to VSB students, including VSB International students. Courses will be taught online, paced by the teacher, using VLN content and MS Teams. Students will start July 2nd and finish on August 5th.  

Option 2:  VLN will offer their Grade 10-12 courses as usual, where students can start at any time and finish at any time, working at their own pace. They can register and start now and have up to one year to complete the course if needed, but can complete the course in the summer, or possibly before. VLN has additional courses that aren’t offered in the VSB Summer School, and are available to both adult and out-of-district students as well. These are language, humanities, CLE 10, and other electives.

It is up to you which one you choose to do.  If you think you can self-pace yourself then either will work fine.  However, if you think you need structure in order to finish by the summer and you are planning on taking the next level course in Grade 12 I would suggest taking Option 1 so you have firm deadlines to keep you on track.

Email me if you are unsure which one is right for you and we can discuss.  Hope you're doing well.    Ms. G.

Message from Ms. Glynianyi - April 27, 2020:

Hello Grade 11's,

I hope you are all doing well and had some time for yourself over the weekend.

There are a few updates today:

1) Vancouver Learning Network ( will be opening their online summer school registration on May 4th.  If you are planning on doing a completion course over the summer I would highly recommend you sign up right when it opens as we expect demand to be high and they are not opening up additional classes at this point.  

2) The board has changed Teams calls.  Now you will be invited to a call and you will need to accept in order for us to be able to talk.  If I call and you would like to talk at a different time please send me an email with a time that works with you and I will call you then.  My email address is

3) Check out this video that Killarney staff made: 

Killarney Safe and Sound video - Apri 22.mp4

We all miss you very much!   Stay safe,  Ms. G.

Message from Ms. Glyniayi - April 20, 2020:

Good morning Grade 11's,

I'm definitely missing seeing you all at school and being able to connect with you in person.  I hope you are all staying safe and managing to stay connected with each other through text, IG, and whatever platform you are using these days!

Here are some important things:

1) Make sure you are checking your VSB email.  There are timetabling issues that are being worked out so I will be reaching out to those affected.  I will also be trying to reach you through Teams through the calling feature so don't be surprised if you see a call from me on Teams.  

2) Some teachers are reporting no activity from some of you in their classes.  Make sure you are interacting with the classes you have on the Day 1/Day 2 schedule.  It is important to continue with your classes as the work you are doing now does count toward your final mark.  Routine can be very helpful during these times, so try setting some form of schedule for yourself to help you feel productive and to reduce anxiety.

3)There are many helpful resources on the Killarney website under the counselling tab.  As always, feel free to reach out to me via email or through calling me on Teams.  I am here to help!

Message from Ms. Glynianyi - April 14, 2020:

Hi Grade 11's,

Hope you enjoyed your long weekend and are staying safe and positive.

By now you should be checking Microsoft teams and your VSB email daily to stay on top of your schoolwork.  If you are not connected to a class on teams email your classroom teacher to ask to be added.  

There are a handful of you who have not replied to your homeroom teacher.  I have emailed you directly.  Please reply to my email or I will be calling you this afternoon to confirm you are online.

Your final grade will be based on Term 1, Term 2 and the work you complete from now to June.  So, make sure you are staying on top of the work assigned electronically.

The school board is still working on a plan to allow students to pick up materials from school.  Stay tuned for more details.  

The Day 1/Day 2 schedule will be followed during these times.  So, you can expect your Day 1 teachers to be communicating with you on Day 1, and the same for Day 2.  

As always, if you need help you can email me at  If you would like a phone call from me send me an email with your phone number and I will call you.  

Hope you are all well and making the best of our current situation.

Stay safe,

Ms. G.

Message from Ms. Glynianyi - April 7, 2020:

Hello Gr 11's,

By now you should have replied to your homeroom teacher's email on your email  If not please do so ASAP.  

VSB has created a new Student Password Reset Portal: . If any of you need to reset your password, please go to this link and you will be able to reset your password yourself.  You will need to provide your PEN# & Date of Birth.

Hope you're all doing well,

Ms. G.

App message from Ms. Glynianyi - April 3, 2020:

Hi Grade 11's,

I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe.

The LIT department will be helping with resetting student passwords. If you need help email Students need to give their name, PEN, school, and grade in the email message.  You can find your PEN number on your report card near the top.

Make sure you reply to the email that went to your school email from your homeroom teacher so they have confirmation that you are able to receive emails.  If you do not reply I will be calling your home to confirm your email.

We will be communicating with you through email, Microsoft Teams, the Killarney App and via phone.  If you receive a phone call from the school  it will be from a number starting 604-713-xxxx so please ensure to pick up.

It is really important that we have accurate contact information on MyEd. So please make sure that we have your correct phone numbers.  If you need to update your MyEd info, you can email our records clerk at

I will send out messages regularly with updates. In the meantime, please email me with any questions you may have at  If you would like to talk on the phone you can email me with your phone number and I will call you.

This is uncharted territory for everyone and we'll work things out over the next little while.  Things will always be changing as how school will look like during this time becomes more clear.  So take a moment, take a deep breath and know that we'll get through this together.

Hope you're staying home and staying safe.

Ms. Glynianyi

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