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Grade 9

NOV 17 - It is time to apply for the VSB's TREK Program for your Grade 10 year. TREK is a program that is run out Prince of Wales Secondary which provides students with a unique experience to practice their leadership skills and come together with students from all around Vancouver.

During this program you will take your required Grade 10 classes and participate in activities such as:


The TREK Program introduces each student to a variety of outdoor activities including:

hiking and backpacking

ocean kayaking


rock climbing

cycle touring

back-country (Telemark) skiing

cross-country (Nordic) skiing


essential outdoor skills (minimum impact camping, outdoor cooking, first aid, navigation, weather interpretation, snow shelter construction, avalanche assessment & risk reduction)

If you are interested, please view the TREK Information Session available on December 2nd, 202 at

If you have any questions please call: 604-713-8974  (ext. TREK office)

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