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UPDATE:  August 5, 2020 - (Photos above will be corrected upon office personnel return to work from vacation on August 17, 2020)

Mr. Raymond Moy has made a decision to move forward in his career and has left Killarney this summer.  He wishes his many friends, colleagues and Killarney students well.  As of September 2020, Ms. Andrea Sum and Mr. Robert Ferguson will be sharing the counselling duties for Grade 10.  If you have any questions that you wanted to send to Mr. Moy, please forward your questions to Ms. Sum or Mr. Ferguson from now on.  

May 28, 2020 - A message from your Counsellors:

Hello Killarney Students.

As you may have heard, we begin return to school next week in a limited and voluntary (i.e. attendance is not required) way.  By this evening you will have heard from all your teachers about the details of how that is happening with your specific classes and times you will be allowed in the building.

Counsellors will also be back at school and available to support students; however, how we operate in Counselling will be different as we want to ensure the health & safety of the students we see.  

 The biggest change will be that the Counselling Suite will not be open for drop-in appointments.  

Counsellors are available 8:30 - 1pm every day.  If you need to see your Counsellor you may do so by emailing for an appointment. Please indicate the day you prefer and we will get back to you with a time. 

 After we confirm a time with your appointment by email, please arrive five minutes before your assigned appointment time. We will have a waiting space outside the Counselling Suite where you will wait and a counsellor will come outside the counselling suite to get you.  Should you need to see a counsellor in emergency there will always be a counsellor available who can help.

We are looking forward to reconnecting with you all!


April 1, 2020 - A message from your Counsellors:  c44df9ba-cad7-4ce9-b7ce-650acffc3c55_CounsellingSupportLetterDuringCOVID-19Crisis-SecondaryCounsellorShare.pdf

Resources – Parents – Talking to your Children about COVID – 19


Please refer to our Student Agenda Book for Student Council:

KILLARNEY AGENDA 2019-2020 for website.pdf

What is a School Counsellor?

  • A certified teacher with specialized training in Counselling Psychology. 
  • At Killarney each grade has their own counsellor who starts with them in Grade 8 and continues as their counsellor until grade 12. 

What does a Secondary School Counsellor Do?

  • Assists Parents and Students to
    • Understand school curriculum, courses and services
    • Understand educational strengths, challenges and needs of the student
    • Become aware of post secondary options and career possibilities
    • Develop effective communication skills with each other
    • Become aware of alternate courses, program and schools that may better suit the student
  • Helps Students Deal with Life Issues such as:
    • Anxiety, Depression and other mental health concerns
    • Assertiveness and Conflict Resolution
    • Bullying, Gangs and Peer Pressure
    • Family Relationships
    • Career and Post Secondary Planning
    • Stress Management, Decision Making and Problem Solving 
  • Liases with Teachers, Administrative Staff and other professionals to best support students in school
  • Teaches a portion of Health and Career Education curriculum

How can I contact my school counsellor?

  • Students can drop by their counsellor’s office to talk.  If it’s an emergency, contact any counsellor in the office for help. 
  • Parents can phone or email their son or daughter’s counsellor to make an appointment.

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