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Graduation Info

Graduation Update (June 16th)

Our Grad Ceremony is now just a week away! Our administration and office staff, and a small, but dedicated team of teachers have been working very hard for the past three months on the logistics of the ceremony. Our scholarship committee has worked long hours after school and on weekends to select recipients for our many scholarships and our student grad committee has poured tons of time and energy into keeping grad spirits up, fundraising, decorations and selecting and packaging up our grad souvenir swag bags. Shout out to Ms. Nejad for her tireless support of the grad committee once again this year!

The ceremony will take place in the auditorium in 7 groups, from 8:45 am to 4:00 pm on Wednesday, June 23rd. It will be a long day! While we know it will not be quite the same as going to the Orpheum, we hope that all grads will enjoy their moment in the spotlight.

Central to planning our grad ceremony has been safety under Covid-19 protocols. For this reason, students will have their ceremony in cohorts of approximately 50 students, organized by cohort in the block 2-3 (D7) class.

Students with a 2-3 (D7) block have been organized alphabetically within their cohort. Any students who did not consent to being included in the video will have their walk across the stage at the end of their cohort.

Every student will receive a card from their D7 teacher on June 23rd with their name, number, cohort, and teacher. Students will be lined up in the classroom, then will proceed down to the cafeteria at their scheduled time. From there, students will be led into the auditorium for their ceremony. Each cohort will be spaced apart in the auditorium and masks will be worn except when the grad crosses the stage for their photo and any awards they are receiving. We will be releasing a short video at the end of this week with further instructions about the ceremony. We will not be holding an in-person rehearsal, so please watch the video, so you know what to expect.

Please check the list e-mailed to you carefully and look for your name according to your D7 class teacher. Students in mixed-grade classes are scheduled during the Flex blocks; full grade 12 classes are scheduled in their A morning block, or B afternoon block. All students without a D7 class have been scheduled in the last group of the day, at 3:15 pm. For this last cohort, please report directly to the cafeteria no later than 3:00 pm.

If your name is missing, please email Ms. Coulter at Please note that we are not able to switch the group you have been assigned to. We know that you may not be in the same group as your close friends. We encourage you to watch the video together with your friends and family, as public health guidelines permit, in a safe way following the grad ceremony. The video will be made available as soon as possible following the ceremony. We are aiming for June 25th, but hopefully sooner!

I thank you all for your patience and understanding as we have navigated a pandemic graduation for the second year in a row. I appreciate all the support I have received from the many parents and grads who have expressed their appreciation for our efforts to bring you a safe and inclusive grad ceremony. I know it is not perfect, and we all wish that it were possible to have our typical ceremony with families cheering on their children in person. However, if the pandemic has taught us anything, it is to be grateful for what we do have, and to enjoy ourselves in the moment.

With best wishes to all our grads and their families,

Katrina Thomson

Vice-Principal (grade 12)


Grad gown packages:

Grade 12’s received their grad gown packages last week. Any students who did not pick up their gowns should come to the office to collect it during office hours as soon as possible.  We encourage grads and their families to take family photos on a sunny day wherever they like, including on school grounds, so long as it is not during school hours. 

Grad Fees:

Please pay your $60.00 grad fee online at School Cash Online by June 11th if you have not yet done so. This fee pays for the grad cap and gown, tassel and charm, grad folder, mini composite of the grad class, decorations, and a grad souvenir “swag bag”.  We need all participating grads to pay so that we can make this year special for everyone.  We do anticipate being able to refund approximately $20.00 to each family via School Cash Online in July once all the bills are paid. 

Walk of Honour Video – Consent Form

The Walk of Honour will be recorded and shared digitally with grads and their families on June 25th, if all goes well with the editing process.  In addition, we are preparing a souvenir video which will include all speeches and a slide show of grad photos that will also be shared. 

All grads will receive a Video Recording Consent and Release form in their block D7 class on June 7th, which must be signed by a parent/guardian and returned to their D7 teacher no later than June 11th.  Students without a D7 class can print off the form or pick up a paper copy of the form in the main office.  Signed forms must be returned to the main office by June 11th. 

GRAD 2021 (May 3rd):

Letter to grads and parents about Killarney Walk of Honour 2021

Q & A

Q: Can parents attend the Walk of Honour with their grad?
A: Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 safety protocols, we are unable to allow parents to attend the Walk of Honour in the auditorium. This is a District level decision that applies to all Vancouver School Board secondary schools. We recognize that this will be a huge disappointment to parents, but we hope you will understand that we cannot make exceptions. We also hope that you will enjoy the opportunity to take photos of your graduate in their cap and gown, prior to and following the Walk of Honour, and to view the Killarney Class of 2021 video. 

Q: When will my grad receive their diploma?
A: Diplomas will be received from the Ministry of Education in August. They will be mailed to graduates, together with their official Artona photograph.

Q: When will my grad receive their yearbook (if ordered)? 
A: Yearbooks will be distributed the week of June 21 st to grads who have ordered a yearbook. Details about yearbook distribution will follow in the coming weeks. 

Q: Since there’s no grad ceremony at the Orpheum, will I get a refund of my $60.00 grad fee?
A: We will be able to give a partial refund to all grads. The portion of the grad fee retained covers the cost of: Artona photographer, flowers, gown, cap and tassel, grad folder and mini composite, grad video with speeches and a grad souvenir item. We are still working on the budget for this yea r’s grad activities but we estimate a refund of approximately $20.00 to each grad.

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