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Math 8

Math 8 Parent Survey

Math 8 Focus Practice MC questions 1

Math 8 Focus Practice MC questions 2

BC Performance Standards Numeracy 8 (PDF)

Math 8 Assessment Codes (PDF)

Math 8 - Assessment Codes 2017 Translation (PDF)

Killarney Assessment Codes SPANISH TRANSLATION (docx)

Math 8 - Letter to Parents 2017 - Reporting Framework (PDF)

Killarney Math8 Parent Letter SPANISH TRANSLATION (docx)

Math 8 - FAQ Reporting Framework (PDF)

Killarney FAQ Math8 Framework SPANISH TRANSLATION (docx)

Assessment Codes (what's online) 2019 (docx)

FAQ Math8 Framework (online) 2019 (docx)

Math 8 Rewrites

Here is the list of times students can access re-writes. Although we recognize it would be best to re-write with the students classroom teacher, students may attend any (or all) of the following weekly sessions. The name of the teacher running each session is written in brackets after the room number.

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