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The Mini School enrichment offering will be taking on a new look for September 2022.  The Killarney Computer Science Mini School is now accepting applications.  See below for details.



The Killarney Computer Science Mini School to start with it’s inaugural class in September 2022, is a Computer Science focussed experience for highly motivated students.  Students will experience an enriched math, science and information technology curriculum (Grade 8-10) for the junior high school years, and then be able to focus on a specialty area for grades 10 – 12.  The specialty areas include:

·      Programming (Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence)

·      System Administrator

·      Network Administrator

·      Cyber Security

·      Robotics

Our intention is to encourage Killarney Mini School students to display intellectual curiosity, develop as critical thinkers, give back to their community, explore issues in depth, and develop into well rounded individuals who gain resilience.  These outcomes (or qualities) will offer them skills they can take to real world employment and leadership, post-secondary and beyond.   


If you are able to work collaboratively and independently, find and create ways to contribute to your community, have a positive attitude, and want to be part of a team and program, we encourage you to apply to the Killarney Computer Science Mini School!

Parent and Student Information Night: THURSDAY, OCT. 28TH, 6PM - Killarney Auditorium. THANK YOU FOR COMING!

Parent Info Night Slide Deck - Oct. 28, 2021

How to apply to the Killarney Computer Science Mini School:

  1.  Download the APPLICATION FORM.  The application form is a fillable PDF file.  A paper copy is also available from our main office.  
  2. Complete the APPLICATION and print. Attach MOST RECENT REPORT CARD AND PHOTO.
  3. Submit complete package to the Killarney Main Office at 6454 Killarney St. by 3:30pm, Nov. 30th, 2021.  A complete package includes: 
  4. The Killarney Computer Science Mini School Assessment on Nov. 30th, 2021, 1pm-2:30pm, in the Killarney cafeteria. SIGN UP DEADLINE IS NOV. 29TH, 2021, MIDNIGHT. Students are expected to attend this assessment.  Parents are asked to drop off and pick up students, and to not enter the building due to health and safety regulations.  To RSVP and confirm student attendance: 
    1. Go to
    2. Enter SURVEY ID: KLRN-CS-MINI (All capitals, you must include the dashes)
    3. Topics on the assessment: Order of Operations, Integers, Fraction/Percent/Decimal/Ratio conversions, Algebra, GCF/LCM, Logic/Reasoning
    4. The assessment will be on paper.  Please bring your own pen, pencil, and eraser.  
    5. The survey system will thank you for your entry upon completion as a confirmation.  You will NOT receive a confirmation email. 
    6. ENTER FROM OUR MAIN ENTRANCE AT 6454 KILLARNEY STREET.  Student volunteers will direct grade 7 students to the caf.  
  5. Important Dates (for ALL VSB mini school programs): 
    1. First offers (TO PARENT EMAIL PROVIDED ON APPLICATION FORMS) will go out: Feb. 23, 2022
    2. First offer acceptance deadline: Feb. 25, 2022, NOON
    3. Second offers will go out: March 2, 2022
    4. Second offer acceptance deadline: March 3, 2022, NOON

AT THIS TIME, OUR PROCESS FOR CHOOSING OUR SEPTEMBER 2022 CLASS HAS CLOSED.  We want to thank all the students and families for applying.  Unfortunately, the process was very competitive for the limited number of spots.  All the best to everyone next year!  March 8th, 2022

Student Testimonials

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