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Nov. 23 Health & Safety, plus VCH COVID Notification Process info

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November 23, 2020

King George Secondary is committed to maintaining all the prescribed in-school and in-class Health and Safety protocols of both the VSB and the Provincial Health Authorities. 

Please see attached letter sent to all King George families regarding a recent Nov. 17 & 18 Covid exposure at our school. The school only issues such notification once VCH and VSB have been in touch with us. We do not share private health information, and we do not act on Covid-related information from sources other than VSB and VCH.

The school is open and VCH is in touch directly with anyone deemed to be at risk. If VCH has not been directly in touch with you, then VCH has determined that you are not at risk insofar as the recent Covid exposure at KG is concerned. No student that has tested positive for Covid is attending our school at this time.

As of Nov. 23rd we have no new prescribed Covid-related Health and Safety protocols from the VSB or Provincial Health Authorities.

Please also note:

At any time, if you or your child develop any symptoms of COVID-19, please seek testing and then self-isolate

In line with our ongoing practice on exposure reporting, VCH will use this page to provide exposure notification information related to COVID-19 within schools in the VCH region. We are providing this information so school staff, students and parents can be assured that Public Health is following up in their community and exposure risks are being mitigated to the best of our ability.

If you or your child have been identified as a positive COVID-19 case or close contact, be assured that VCH’s Public Health team will contact you directly and provide further instruction.

COVID-19 school notification process:

(See attachment under "Resources") 

If a student or teacher receives a confirmed positive COVID-19 test result, Public Health follows a rigorous protocol:

  • Contact tracing is initiated to determine how the individual was infected and who they were in close contact with.
  • We identify and notify close contacts who may be at an increased risk, and advise them to self-isolate and monitor for symptoms for 14 days.
  • Only Public Health can determine who is a close contact. Learning groups, friends or other connections may not be determined to be a close contact. 
  • Public Health staff works closely with the school and school district throughout the case and contact management process to maintain close communication with the school community.

If your child’s school receives a notification of exposure:

A notification does not mean your child has been exposed to COVID-19. 

If you do not receive a phone call or letter from Public Health, your child should continue to attend school. You can monitor your child for COVID-19 symptoms daily using the BC COVID-19 Health Assessment Tool.

More information and resources regarding schools and COVID-19 is available at

Under "Resources" to the left, please see attached Covid-19 Monthly Update and the Public Health/VCH COVID Positive Case Notification Process.

Under "Related links" please see the Schools and Covid

Update Nov. 23rd -  the staff at king George have revisited all existing guidelines and protocols, to ensure that King George remains a safe place to learn. Staff and students will be reminded to complete their daily health assessment before attending school, students and staff are encouraged to wash/sanitize their hands, on regular occasions and the wearing of face masks is always encouraged and mandatory in common areas. Students and staff can remove their masks in the classroom environment when with their cohort. The school will continue to offer clubs and sporting activities which adhere to social distancing and mask wearing protocols. 

Hand washing, masks worn in common areas, safe physical distancing where possible in the building, small learning cohorts and hand sanitizing stations throughout the building are some of the measures we have taken. Please wear a mask in all common areas at King George.

Parents and students are required to complete the Daily Health Assessment everyday before the student attends school.

Please review all attachments provided in the "Resources" column next to this post.

We also ask that all Parents/Guardians discuss Pandemic safety measures with your children/students, as we know that many students do not wear masks or keep a safe distance when outside the school with friends. Please encourage your students to stay as safe as reasonably possible, even when not at school. 

The Digitally Responsible Youth Guide for Families has been updated: https://saferschoolstogether.c...

Thank you.

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