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Principal's Message July 9, 2020

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Summer Greetings to the King George Community,

First of all, for those of you with questions over the summer, the King George office is open most days over the summer, but the school building is closed to the public. Please call us for assistance, at 604.713.8999 between 8:00 AM and 2:30 PM. (Office is closed the week August 3-7.) While I am on vacation from July 14 through August 24, I am often in touch with office staff, should urgent needs arise.

As we close this school year I want you all to know how blessed I feel to be a part of the King George Community, and I look forward to building strong relationships in the new school year. I arrived in January, just as the much beloved Mr. Lauzon moved on to his new school, Sir Charles Tupper. 

Unfortunately, only 10 short weeks into my time here, schools were closed due to the pandemic. While I enjoyed supporting staff, parents and students as we made the best of an unprecedented situation in which we moved all teaching and learning online, it was an unfamiliar and less personal way of developing relationships with my new school community. I know that the months of April and May were very challenging for families, and I thank you all for your support and patience.

In June there were additional complexities as some students returned to school, but it was great to have staff and students back in the building. Fortunately, June’s experiences taught us some important lessons about what works best for students. We hope to have even more students back in the building with us in September. 

At this time, there are many unanswered questions about September's class schedules, school hours, school sports, and the health and safety protocols for the new school year. At King George I intend to keep the welfare of our students as my priority, and I'll be looking for every opportunity to support and work with students, parents and staff as we get through this together. 

Pandemic-related concerns, coupled with many emerging social and political issues around the world demand our attention as never before. I personally look forward to many opportunities for learning and growing along with the our students and families. 

The King George students are some of the most earnest and delightful students I have ever met. I will be listening carefully to them, and supporting them so that King George is the school our students and families really want it to be: a safe, inspirational and engaging school for all our students.  

The following is an excerpt from the Board Chair’s and VSB Superintendent’s “End of Year Message:”

During the past year we were impressed by the leadership of our students. Be that in their advocacy about climate change or at the District’s first Anti-Racism Youth Summit. (King George had eight student representatives at the summit, as well as our Anti-Racism Lead, Mr. Ritchie, and myself.) These are just two of many examples throughout the school year of actions by students that showcase the importance and impact student voice has on our education system and world.

At the Board level we continued to put in place important policies and action plans to tackle racism and make our schools safer and more welcoming for all; as we acknowledge the impacts of systemic racism on students who are Black, Indigenous and People of Colour.

Over the summer, I will try to keep the community up to date with important education-related developments as we approach the end of August. Please check the school website for updates.

I welcome parents and students to be in touch, and to share thoughts with me: about our school and our future together.

Have a safe and happy summer holiday.


Geoff Taylor


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