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Q3 Mid Term report card info -

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Q3 Report Cards: Essential Information for all parents and students-

Dear King George Families,  

Q3 Mid-Term reports cards published via MyEd Friday 12th March, 9am.

If you have any questions about the report card information, please contact the teacher directly. The teacher emails are also on the school website.



NOTE: If you have questions about anything on the report card, please check first with the teacher of the course. All teacher email addresses are on our website under "About Us" > "Our Staff" 

If you have any trouble gaining access through MyEd Family Portal, please check with your child to confirm the password details, otherwise you may disable the account. Also, ensure that both the parents and child share and know the password. Always go to preferences to set the primary email to your child’s personal email account.


If your account gets disabled, please contact the main office to get your password reset: M-F 8:10 AM to 3:50 PM for assistance. 604.713.8999:


Please refer to the King George School website regularly. 

Please note that while we endeavor to keep the King George website as up to date as possible, we do not control all of the contents therein; some is updated by the Board Office, and all of the website design is controlled by our IT department. We will be working with IT to renovate the KG website later this year.

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