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CLICK HERE: May 6th Update from the Principal

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  • We hope you are all doing well, and that King George students and their families all feel appropriately supported by our school.
  • I am excited to be working on "virtual" grad plans. PLEASE SEE GRADE 12 AND GRAD INFORMATION in Announcements (to the right of this post).
  • I have been in touch with administrative colleagues and VSB management , to see what the guidelines will be. Please keep checking this website, and watch your email for updates.
  • Individual students in need of items at school, in their student locker, may contact me at I will arrange an appointed time for the student to meet me at the school door. In this way I can plan the use of our resources, keep students and staff safe, while also helping the student who has urgent need of items or resources at school.
  • There may come a time when we ask students to come and pick up items at school. We are NOT doing that now, as we cannot do so safely at this time, in our building. The BC Ministry of Health, BC Ministry of Education and VSB Guidelines for student pick-up of items cannot presently be met at KG.
  • We will be working on a plan for more KG students to access materials at the school over the next three weeks. Though Provincial and local Health authorities, and our VSB Health and Safety officials have granted permission for limited, controlled, student entry, no adults are permitted. At KG we cannot yet call for students to come to school. As we have limited staff and all Federal, Provincial and local social distancing requirements must be adhered to, we are not asking our students to come and collect their things.
  • We will make the appropriate logistical and staffing preparations to assist all students in getting personal items from the school when we have been directed by VSB to do so.

IMPORTANT: As teachers and students continue with remote learning we remind everyone that all school related activities are governed by both school and district Codes of Conduct. Moreover, each student has submitted a signed Appropriate Use Policy agreement in order to have their student account. Inappropriate behaviour is unacceptable, online or otherwise. Any student not following school or district Code of Conduct may lose the option of remote learning online. In any such case, decisions will be made based on individual circumstances, and alternative continuity of education opportunities may be offered.

Parents/Guardians should closely monitor their student's behaviour online.

  • Though our regular in-school classroom instruction is suspended, we have begun the processes of building a timetable for our 2020-2021 KG students. We are also preparing our staffing proposals for submission to the Board, and this work continues alongside our work on supporting remote teaching and learning at KG.
  • Parents/Guardians should stay in touch with student's subject teachers by email, if you have any questions or concerns. All of our staff emails are on this website, under "Our Staff." If you do not know the subject teacher's name, please call the school, 9-2:30, M-F and ask reception to get the name(s) for you, or email or for assistance.
  • As of April 21, 2020: Fee refunds for future events such as field trips and activities in PE or Athletics are available by request. Email Ms Pagdin, or call our office. Decisions about Graduation events have not been made yet, but I am trying to arrange something nice for our Grads. If you have not paid Grad fees already, please wait. If you have paid these fees but want a refund now, regardless of whether or not we are holding Grad events in June, please call our office during the week, 9 AM to 2:30 PM, or email
  • All King George families that need extra support should contact their student's counselor: such support might include learning support, technology support, mental health support, and food security support.
  • Administrators are also available to assist students and families as needed. Please, call the school or email us:
  • for Grades 8 and 12;
  • for Grades 9-11.

As we proceed with the remote education opportunities, we are getting questions about "assessment and reporting." Of course, we'll be flexible with ongoing teaching, learning, assessment and reporting - in the context of Ministry and School Board directions. Please be certain you've reviewed the student's report card and you've read the letter "April 20 Assessment and Engagement" posted alongside this message, to the left.

Parents/Guardians and students should continue to communicate with each other about this progress. Any student and/or parent concerned about the number of assignments or the rigor of instruction that teachers are providing should contact the teacher directly.

We have provided devices to those students that notified us they had no device at home.

Please, keep your family contact information up to date, by getting in touch with our Records Clerk at to update parent/guardian and student contact information.

Remote teaching and learning for all King George students will present new challenges and opportunities for students and families, and we'll be here to help.

Keep checking this website and please stay safe and healthy.

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