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Summer information re Office hours and Student Schedules

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We hope all our students and families are enjoying a safe and happy summer. The King George Office is closed in the week of August 4-7. Otherwise, throughout the summer, the phones are open 8 AM to 2:30 PM, Monday to Friday: 604.713.8999. 

The school is locked and not open to the public, but appointments can be made as necessary.

Teachers are on vacation. Throughout the summer holidays, administrators are sometimes in the building; so feel free to call the office about making an appointment.

Regarding student schedules, please read the following information before making a call to the school. (Counselors are not available until September.)

Unfortunately, in a small school such as King George there will always be some students unable to get all the courses they have requested. 


Please note when students were allocated their timetable by the computer system, it does not rank or prioritize students, other than ensuring they get their graduation requirements and the highest number of requests fulfilled where possible. Every student who requests a course has an equal opportunity to be scheduled into their choices. We do not prioritize based on previous grades. The computer system uses all of the individual course requests to build a timetable to: (1) fill course requests, (2) meet mandatory course graduation requirements, and (3) evenly fulfill the highest number of course requests across all of the students. 

All VSB schools are staffed based on the number of students and course requests. Therefore, when we offer courses, we strive to ensure that classes are full. For many of our senior courses, particularly electives, we are only able to offer one teaching block of the class even when we receive more requests than the maximum number of possible seats in a class. When those request numbers are relatively high, where possible, we have attempted to offer a second teaching block. For our students still seeking a course they have not received on their schedule, we place students on a waiting list.


When school restarts in September, we often see spaces come up and start to utilize the waiting list. Spaces are created when students take summer school courses, don't return to King George for the new school year, or change their minds about their course choices. In addition, during the month of September, movement in senior courses is often fluid, with students dropping and adding courses. In many cases, this gives us the opportunity to move things around, allowing some of the students on the waiting list to get into the course they seek. In those cases where the class remains full or the two courses a student wants occur during the same block, we encourage students to look at alternatives, such as VLN or Summer School the following year. 

Please trust that we will monitor the situation for your child and inform you immediately if the opportunity arises where your child can be moved into their desired course.

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