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Looking forward to making memories in their final year of high school

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As the start of a new school year, many students and staff will experience milestones. From a kindergarten student’s first day at school, to a Grade 12 student’s first day of their last year, this series of “firsts” will look into those particular experiences. Follow along Tuesdays and Thursdays for the month of September 2021 as we share stories from Vancouver School District students and staff.

We caught up with three Grade 12 students on what they are looking forward to in their final year of high school. From university applications to spending time with their friends, these students are excited for what comes next.

Grade 12 student Joe Sugarman took over the District’s Instagram account on the first day of school at John Oliver Secondary. This semester, Joe is taking physics, physical geography, and career life connections to enhance his applications for post-secondary.

Now that Joe is back at school, he’s looking forward to a “near normal” school year. “I’m happy I am able to see my friends more often and be able to have a better learning experience for my senior year,” he explains.

Kiran Nagin, an ambitious Grade 12 student at King George Secondary says she is looking forward to her heavy course load, university applications, extracurricular activities, and making the time to spend with her friends. “This year will be stressful, but it will also be a lot of fun,” she laughs.

Nagin plans to go to medical school after she graduates from John Oliver and is applying to the Accelerated Medical Program in Australia. “I want to be a doctor, but I am not sure what specialty to focus on yet,” she explains. “I love working with kids, so I think I might specialize in pediatrics,” adds Nagin.

With a busy year ahead, Nagin shares two tips to help Grade 12s to get through their final year of high school. “My top two tips are to find a special way to organize and focus on what you are working towards,” she says. “All the hard work you put into school will eventually pay off. Keep looking forward to where you want to be in life. I think that is what keeps me motivated to work hard,” Nagin shares.

Tommy Chung, a Grade 12 student from Killarney Secondary also takeover the District’s Instagram account. After his study period in the library, Chung met up with some friends and asked them what they are looking forward to this year. Chung’s friend Daniel said he is looking forward to creating memorable experiences and Chung says he feels the same way.

“I’m just really looking forward to being back at school with my friends and making as many memories as we can before we graduate,” Chung shares.

After graduation, Chung plans to pursue Kinesiology at the University of British Columbia or Simon Fraser University. “I really want to be a physiotherapist for a professional sports team,” he says. “My dream career would be to work for the Vancouver Canucks as their head physiotherapist.”

What are you looking forward to most in your final year of high school? To read more of these stories, follow the District’s Facebook, TikTok and Twitter accounts. This series of “firsts” will be posted every Tuesday and Thursday for the month of September.


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