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Normally, King George has a number of athletic programs and teams, including soccer, volleyball, basketball and track and field. 

Mr. Jeevan Pannun is the King George Athletic Director for 2020-2021. You can see below that we are making some progress to wards our goal of returning to sports! We hope to have more good news re school sports, soon.

We are actively exploring more possibilities of offering some in-school sports opportunities, under strict Health and Safety Guidelines, because Vancouver schools now have permission to begin moving into "Stage 2" of the Return to School Sport.

We will not be offering all Fall Sports, and we cannot predict how rules might change in the future. There are many necessary restrictions in Stage Two, but there are also some opportunities to get our students more active and engaged at school. 


What we know so far is as follows:

Cross Country:

We will be having two "meets" this year plus potentially City Finals depending on the first two meets. Meets will be looking different this year; to support physical distancing each school will be running as a group to avoid be combined with other schools. We will be having our meets at Lost Lagoon and each student will be running 2 laps of the lagoon. I will be timing your meets and sending them into the Cross Country Coordinator and he will determine who makes the City finals. We will not be having any practices this year due to Covid but I do encourage you, if you have the chance, to run Lost Lagoon ahead of time to get used to the route.


Wednesday, October 28th at 3:15pm

Tuesday, November 3rd at 3:15pm

Runners will meet with Ms Edwards out front of the school at 3:15pm and walk over to Lost Lagoon together.

Please let Ms Edwards know if you will be attending these meets. If you have any questions or concerns please let her know.


The BC School Sport "Return to Sport Plan" is one of the important resources in our KG planning. It is, however, important to note that the VSB has additional requirements and restrictions beyond those of BCSS: related to school facilities use, spectators and use of outside (non-VSB staff) coaches or sponsors. 

Currently, no outside coaches or spectators are permitted in our planning. All of our KG Athletics activity will involve monitoring of safe social distancing, hand cleaning before and after all activity, cleaning of equipment at the start of all activity, cleaning of used spaces between activities, and staff/student wearing of masks before and after sporting activity.  

While inter-school competition is currently not permitted in-person, there may be a possibility of virtual competitions in sports such as cross country running. 

All other athletic activity (except regular PE classes) at KG will likely be of a training and practice nature, conducted entirely within the school student cohort. Any intra-school competition would have to be in a sport that is easily socially distanced during the game.

Our Athletic Director Mr. Pannun is working very hard with staff and students to evaluate our capacity to offer safe, in school return to athletic activity.

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