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Fundraisers and Donation

King George Secondary School Parent Advisory Council

Direct Appeal Fundraising Campaign

Each year the PAC seeks donations that go directly to funding critical programs in our school.

Last year the Direct Appeal raised over $6,000 and contributed to a tremendous list of programs including the Link Crew, Math Club, Girls Group, Book Club, Queer-Straight Alliance, Drama Department, Pottery Club, Library Club, the annual GALA, Photography Program, Athletics, Track and Field, Volleyball, Duke of ED, Green Team, Biology Department, Info-tech, and the KG Skills Centre.

On Monday, October 20th, students will bring home a package enabling donations by cheque or cash.

You may also donate online here:


Your support in enriching the learning environment at King George is very much appreciated by every student, teacher, and family.

The campaign runs until Friday, October 31st.

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