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Feb. 8: Course Planning, Quarter 3 Info & Updates from Principal

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Please refer to this website often. 

Dear parent/guardians,

Course planning link:


Please note that all students and parents should be able to see the changes to the Quarter 3 (Q3) schedules in MyEducation BC, “Student Family Portal,” indicating whether your child has been placed in Cohort A (am) or Cohort B (pm) for Quarter 3 (4th February - 23rd April).


(The A or B is found at the end of the Q3 course code. Please keep in mind that for Q4 the default reading is “A” and those determinations for morning or afternoon in Q4 have not yet been made.)


If you have any trouble gaining access through MyEd Family Portal, please check with your child to confirm the password details, otherwise you may disable the account. Also, ensure that both the parents and child share and know the password. Always go to preferences to set the primary email to your child’s personal email account.


In addition, all students and parents will be receiving an email from their Q3 teachers, indicating more details about their Q3 courses.


Important NEW information - As mentioned in last week's email communication, all high schools, including King George have now moved to a weekly rotation for Q3 (please "Quarter 3 classes" in Resources, to the left of this message.) 

Please note that Q3 starts Feb. 4th with class 1-4 meeting their teacher face-to-face for just one day. Class 1-3 starts their face-to-face learning on Friday 5th February. In addition to the weekly rotation, 

ALL Grade 8s will be expected to attend in-person classes during Flex time (Mondays and Wednesdays), when their class moves to the remote learning week. All other students (grades 9-12) will maintain the remote learning via Teams online with their remote teacher.


For access to your child's MyEducation BC Student Family Portal account -

Parents and students can refer to "Quarter 3 classes" attachment, in Resources to the left herein.

Also see 20210120_Ltr_Secondary_schedule Letter from VSB re changes to Q3 Schedules.

We are here to support you:

Navigating this time of year is sometimes tough and I realize that this particular year has special challenges. We are here to support our students and their families; so please do not hesitate to call us. Our Counselors and the school administrator email addresses are on the school website:


Volleyball is still running – practices only, socially distanced – following all Health and Safety protocols.

 We have completed sign-up for Basketball, practices only, socially distanced – following all Health and Safety protocols. 


If you have any questions about the report card information, please contact the teacher directly. The teacher emails are also on the school website.

GRADS please see "Guidance and Support" > "Careers and Post Secondary," on this website: for information. Note: if you recently received a reminder to pay Grad fees, you may ignore it for now. No decisions have been made about the Grad events.


Geoff Taylor


Please see Health & Safety, plus VCH COVID Notification Process info posting, here on this website.

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