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Locker Clean Up and Text Return! Last Day June 24!!!

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ALL King George students must empty their lockers and return school library/textbooks before June 24. Locks are cut and contents of lockers will be removed and donated to charity or otherwise disposed of beginning June 25th, 2020.

If students cannot enter the building according to this schedule, they must contact the grade administrator before June 25th. Please call the school. 604.713.8999

There are 2 tables on each floor, with labels for students to write their names on and stick on the book, before depositing their books in subject drop off boxes outside the main office.

Texts will not be identified by student’s name, so we cannot reconcile the text with the student having returned assigned books simply by finding a book in a locker.

Any unclaimed items in lockers will be disposed of, and students may be asked to pay for any books not properly returned with appropriate student name and teacher name on a sticker inside the text.




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