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Sept. 15 Update re Welcome from Counselors & Student Schedule requests

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September 15, 2020

Counselors are working their way through the many requests. Please be patient. We are doing our very best to explain options and ensure that students stay effectively on the BC Ministry of Education Graduation track.

Please read all of this post as the information near the end is quite important.

The school is not open to the public, but appointments with Administrators can be made as necessary. Please call the office 8-3:30, M-F.

Please read the Principal's message on this school and please read all the following information before making a call to the school. 

Counselors are available now. Call the office for an appointment. Except for attending your schedule face to face class, do not come to the school without an appointment, please. There are many, many requests from students and parents. However, in order to maintain our staffing and funding counselors must prioritize placement of students into classes, making sure all students have complete timetables and are on track to meet MB Ministry of Education Graduation requirements. Student preferences are not always possible, and counselors may have to explore options that students and parents have not previously considered. (More information below.)

Grades 9 and 11 Counselor is Ms Claudette   Alain

Grades 10 and 12 Counselor is Ms Kim Rebane

For Grade 8s with a last name beginning A-M contact Ms Alain

For Grade 8s with a last name beginning N-Z contact Ms Rebane

Please use email or call 604.713.8999 for appt.

Unfortunately, in a small school such as King George there will always be some students unable to get all the courses they have requested. However, our counselors tell me that almost all of our students have a complete timetable schedule for 2020/2021.


Please note when students are allocated their timetable by the computer system, it does not rank or prioritize students, other than ensuring they get their graduation requirements and the highest number of requests fulfilled where possible. Every student who requests a course has an equal opportunity to be scheduled into their choices. We do not prioritize based on previous grades. The computer system uses all of the individual course requests to build a timetable to: (1) fill course requests, (2) meet mandatory course graduation requirements, and (3) evenly fulfill the highest number of course requests across all of the students. 

All VSB schools are staffed based on the number of students and course requests. Therefore, when we offer courses, we strive to ensure that classes are full. For many of our senior courses, particularly electives, we are only able to offer one teaching block of the class even when we receive more requests than the maximum number of possible seats in a class. When those request numbers are relatively high, where possible, we have attempted to offer a second teaching block. We also offer priority to more senior students, especially if the course is required to achieve graduation status in BC. For our students still seeking a course they have not received on their schedule, we place students on a waiting list.


When school restarts in September, we normally see spaces come up if students do not return to school. However, for Sept. 2020, as students have already been placed in cohorts for the 1st quarter, we do not envisage making any course changes unless spaces are available in the 1st week (14th - 18th Sept) for students already on a course wait list related to their course request in the spring. If a space becomes available during that week, the counselor will contact the students who have been on the wait list since June. After Friday 18th September, courses changes will not be possible during the 1st quarter. 

Health and Safety is more important than student choice as this point. Careful management of cohorts is the school's first responsibility and we will follow the VSB and BC Health guidelines as we plan.

Students may drop a course, but we cannot provide a replacement choice in the first Quarter, and it is unlikely we can offer a space in any subsequent Quarter, as our Class Size and Composition compliance is contractual, and those adjustments have been made for the whole year - with the majority of our classes already at the maximum Class Size and Composition permitted.

So if students want a class that is currently full at KG we encourage them to look at alternatives, such as VLN. 

Welcome Message from the Counselors


Welcome to the 2020/21 school year. The counselors at King George Secondary are committed to supporting students both academically and emotionally, and we encourage you to contact us when needed.


  • Contact Information:
  • To maintain Covid-19 safety protocols we request both students and parents use email or a phone call to contact us. If a face-to-face meeting is required, we can then set up an appointment.
  • When you do come to the Counselling Suite, please maintain standard social distancing protocol. Only 2 people at a time can be accommodated in the Counselling Suite. Please wait in the hallway if there is already 2 people in the suite.
  • There will be no course changes made for courses in the 2 courses you are taking right now (the 1st quarter). This is to ensure that all health and safety concerns are addressed.
  • As students have already been placed in cohorts for the 1st quarter, we do not envisage making any course changes unless spaces are available in the 1st week (14th - 18th Sept) for students already on a course wait list created in June. If a space becomes available during the first week, the counselor will contact the wait-listed students. After Friday 18th September, courses changes will not be possible during the 1st quarter. 

Ms. Claudette Alain (email:

Responsible for Gr. 8 last name A-M; Gr. 9, Gr.11, International


Ms. Kim Rebane (email:

Responsible for students in Gr. 8 N-Z;, Gr. 10, Gr. 12, City School

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