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 Seasons of Play

Kitsilano Secondary fields teams for inter-school competitions in fall, winter, and spring sports seasons, under the jurisdiction of BC School Sports (BCSS) and Vancouver Secondary Schools Athletics Association (VSSAA). Each year, teams/sports offered in each of the seasons are dependent on student sign-up and the number of coaches/sponsors available, and may include:

Fall Sports -  

  • - Volleyball:  Senior Boys, Junior Boys, Senior Girls, Junior Girls, Juvenile Girls, Bantam Girls
  • - Soccer:  Senior Boys, Junior Boys, Juvenile Boys, Bantam Boys
  • - Field Hockey:  Senior Girls
  • - Cross-Country:  Co-ed Senior, Junior, Juvenile, Bantam

 Winter Sports - 

  • - Basketball:  Senior Boys, Junior Boys, Juvenile Boys, Bantam Boys
  • - Basketball:  Senior Girls, Junior Girls, Juvenile Girls, Bantam Girls
  • - Wrestling:  Co-ed Senior, Junior, Juvenile, Bantam
  • - Table Tennis: Boys and Girls - Senior, Junior, Juvenile, Bantam

Spring Sports - 

  • - Volleyball:  Bantam Boys, Juvenile Boys
  • - Badminton:  Co-ed Senior, Junior, Juvenile, Bantam
  • - Track and Field:  Co-ed Senior, Junior, Juvenile, Bantam
  • - Tennis:  Co-ed Senior, Junior, Juvenile, Bantam
  • - Ultimate:  Co-ed Senior, Junior, Juvenile, Bantam
  • - Rugby: Junior and Senior Boys
  • - Girls Soccer: Premier, Senior, Junior, Juvenile, Bantam

Students are encouraged to participate in the interschool athletic program by playing on the teams, serving as managers or game officials, and attending games as spectators. Team organizational meetings and practices are announced in the daily bulletin and on the P.A. Listen to the announcements and come out and support the teams.

You can follow us on Instagram @kitsathletics

Look for news items on the Athletics whiteboard at the foot of the main atrium stairs, listen to PA announcements, or come see one of the P.E. teachers for more information.

Go Kits!

James Van Damme

Kitsilano Secondary School

Athletic Director & P.E. Teacher

Vancouver School Board

TEL. 604.713.8961

FAX 604.713.8960

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