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District details options for elementary school students in September

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Earlier today, families of elementary students received a message from their children’s schools with further details about options for students’ educational programs in September. In addition, a confirmation form was provided to all families with children in kindergarten to Grade 7 to confirm their choice.  

The four educational options available to families are:

  • Option 1 – Full-time in-person instruction 
  • Option 2 – Home Schooling 
  • Option 3 – Vancouver Learning Network (Elementary Program) 
  • Option 4 – Learn from Home Transition Option

The Learn from Home Transition option was developed in response to families’ feedback received in the August 24-27 survey. This option is being provided as a temporary transition for families who are able to support their child’s learning at home, until they are ready to return to in-person instruction. 

Students in the transition option will be assigned to an in-person classroom in the school where they are currently enrolled to facilitate their eventual return to school. This space will be held for the duration of the transition period. Opportunities for children to attend in-person activities at their school will also be offered, to help with the transition back to in-person instruction. Weekly check-ins by a teacher will take place to provide support to students as well as feedback.  

Although the amount of timing and support will vary from school to school, families should anticipate about 1.5 to 2 hours of check-in time with a teacher each week.

“It is important for parents to know that this is not an online learning program, but rather a transition program which is intended to provide support and connections until the family is ready for their child to return to in-person instruction, says David Nelson, deputy superintendent of the Vancouver School District.

In December, the District will reassess options for students who have not transitioned to in-person learning, including a possible extension of transition support.

Families will complete a confirmation form by September 3, 2020 at 8:00 pm to help elementary schools plan for learning groups and the supports students will need for the return to school in September. 

The District thanks all Vancouver families for their patience as well we plan to safely welcome students to the new school year.

For a summary of each educational option, go to: Fact Sheet - Your Options for Elementary School Return or watch our latest video: Elementary return to school option

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