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BC Shakeout drill at Laura Secord elementary

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All schools in the Vancouver school district participate in at least two earthquake drills, usually one in October and one in May. 

On Oct 21, 2021, millions of people participated in the International Shakeout Day, including the staff and students at Laura Secord elementary.

In addition to the well-known “drop, cover and hold” routine that happens in the classroom, a lot of time is invested in an evacuation exercise. Laura Secord spent weeks in advance recruiting parent-volunteers, setting up command centres and making sure that emergency supplies are in place.

During the exercise, members of students’ families rehearsed the reunification process. At Laura Secord the reunification station was buzzing with activity as parents walked through the procedure of picking up their children in the event of an emergency.

By practicing what to do in emergency situations, students, staff and families are better prepared to deal with actual events. This is just one of the ways Vancouver school communities come together to help keep everyone safe!

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