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New Curriculum Implementation

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Using the Core Competencies as a school is key to the successful implementation of the New Curriculum framework. In March, staff and students took time to reflect on and to revisit the Core Competencies of learning from the New Curriculum through individual interviews that were held by staff with students. By reviewing the Core Competencies through this reflective process both students and staff can begin to see the power of the Core Competencies and how they support student learning across all discipline areas.

Thank you to all staff for supporting our students through the interview process. I would also like to thank our district resource teachers, Ms. Shelby Calman and Ms. Lori York for organizing the interview process and supporting our community to develop a deep understanding of the Revised Curriculum. It is wonderful to see the profound positive impact that using the Core Competencies is having on student learning.

For further information of the Core Competencies of learning please follow the link below:

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