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Byng Wear and Grad Wear Sale

Byng Wear and Grad Wear Sale2 week-sale from October 15th until November 1st

The Grad Committee Byng Wear and Grad Wear sale to fund raise for this year’s end of year Grad events which hopefully this year will include a return to the Grad Dinner Dance in June is happening now and for the next two weeks.

Sample clothing items with the two distinct school logos, one Byng Wear and one Grad Wear are now displayed in the Trophy Case at the front entrance to the school. Pictures of the various items for sale can also be viewed online by visiting the school website. There are 5 items for sale this year for both Byng Wear and Grad Wear: Hoodies, Crewnecks, Zippered Hoodies, Sweatpants and Toques.

What is the difference between Byng Wear and Grad Wear?  Byng Wear is designed for students from grade 8 to 11 and has BYNG and the SCHOOL CREST on the clothing. Grad Wear is specifically designed for the grade 12’s and includes BYNG and the SCHOOL CREST plus their GRAD YEAR which of course this year is 2021. The two logos styles differ somewhat so that they have a distinctiveness which is appealing to the grade level purchaser.

Starting last year, students and parents are now able to purchase Byng Wear or Grad Wear ONLINE. Students may also pick up a paper copy order form outside the Trophy Case at the front entrance to the school or from Mr. Johnston, the Grad Committee sponsor, who can be found in Room 309 at the far eastern end of the third floor. All prices listed for the clothing items include taxes!

For any questions regarding sizing or other enquiries, students may visit Mr. Johnston in Room 309.

The Grad Committee of 2022 thanks you immensely for your support!

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