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Students discuss digital citizenship, anti-racism, substance abuse and addiction, mental wellness and allyship at annual province-wide conference

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Students from around the province recently gathered virtually for the annual BC Principals’ and Vice Principals’ Association Student Voice Conference. The conference provides an opportunity for students to connect and share their perspectives on prevalent topics in society. Students from the Delta School District hosted this year’s event on April 22. Carys Dance and Sophia Bi, Grade 11 students at Lord Byng Secondary, attended along with some other students from the Vancouver School District. Carys shared her experience and reflections: 

"The forum opened with an icebreaker discussion about our experiences with the pandemic, before keynote speaker Dr. Kristin Buhr, a psychologist specializing in anxiety in youth, gave an informative presentation about why we get anxious or stressed and how we can look after our mental well-being, offering many practical strategies and resources. There was a short question and answer period before we were sorted into our breakout room discussions on five key areas: digital citizenship, anti-racism, substance abuse and addiction, mental wellness, and allyship.

Sophia’s breakout room was the mental wellness one, and they discussed what mental wellness meant to them as well as what factors influence it. They also shared their own self-care strategies with each other. 

Carys’ was the anti-racism one. They discussed the importance of speaking out rather than being a bystander, as well as took into account that racism occurs between minorities, not only by white people. A key takeaway is that schools should focus on continuous anti-racism education, not just in response to problems breaking out. The goal is to not have the problems occur in the first place.  

We concluded with a wrap-up discussion on what our key takeaways were, what actions we would follow-up with, and how we could continue to support students.”

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