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Grade 11

Career Life Connections B (CLC 11A) 

 Dear Parent/Guardians of Grade 11 Students, 

This year, your son/daughter is required to take a course called Career Life Connections

(CLC 11A).  All Grade 11 students will complete this course online. 

  • CLC is a 2 credit course.
  • It is a mandatory course, created by the Ministry of Education, required for graduation. 
  • This will be a graded course, and it will appear on their transcript.
  • This Course will be completed online by completing assignments on TEAMS. 

In this course, students will:

  • Think about personal life-long learning choices and post-graduation plans
  • Create a career portfolio.
  • Students will explore potential career paths, and post-secondary options, and develop important skills that will help them after they graduate. 

Please ensure that your child checks TEAMS regularly, so that they can complete the assignments on time.  The first assignment has been uploaded to TEAMS, and is due on Friday, Oct 15th.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your child’s teacher advisor. 

 Please note, if your son or daughter does not complete this course, and receive a passing grade, they will NOT BE ABLE TO GRADUATE.  

Gr. 11 Counselling Microsoft Teams: 4 different channels General, Post Secondary, Scholarships, Mental Health (make sure you check them regularly)

Counselling Website (incl. Summer School info):

Course Planning website: Course Planning


MyEd Homepage Logon (must know login and password)

MyEd BC Instructions for Student Course Requests Entry (step by step instructions for students on how to enter course requests in myEd)

MyEd BC Instructions for Student Course Requests Entry (step by step instructions with visuals for students on how to enter course requests in myEd) 

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