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Grade 12

Grade 12 Resources

Parent Presentation (Oct. 15, 2019): Parent Info Night 2019-20.pdf

Opening Assembly (Sept. 9, 2019): Grade 12 Assembly Presentation

Canadian Universities Event Resource Guide

Schedule of University visits to Lord Byng

2020 Graduation Checks

Facebook Page

Grade 12s (students only) please join FB closed group Counselling Opportunities & Notices 2020.  

Counselling Radic (a.k.a. Ms. Radic) will be posting various information: post-secondary opportunities, scholarships, job opportunities, volunteering opportunities, school activities and events, etc ...

High School Transcript

Grade 12 students can view their high school transcript using their BCeID login. They will need to sign up for BCeID if they haven't already, to create a login and password. Students have been given detail instruction and information on how to do this during our grade 12 assembly. I will continue to guide them and help them through this process. Students can refer to our FB page Counselling Opportunities and Notices 2020, and/or come and see Ms. Radic in person. The website is:

Through this website STS (once they log in), students will be able to view their transcript, send their transcripts electronically to post-secondary institutions within Canada and Internationally, and order extra sealed copies if they need to. This is a very important and useful website. Please note, all grade 12 students should be logging into this website and familiarizing themselves with what their transcript looks like. The students will only see their fully completed courses (eg. grade 10 and 11); however, postsecondary institutions will be able to see fully completed courses (eg. grade 10 and 11) as well as their current (eg. grade 12) courses and marks (eg. their term 2 marks, and final marks will be sent to schools they select). Post-secondary institutions will be able to view/access student transcripts only if the student has sent it to them (i.e. given their permission) through the student transcript website and their BCeID. This is already open, and students can send their transcripts to Universities. I would recommend that they do this after they apply to the particular post-secondary schools.

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