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Grade 12

Career Life Connections B (CLC 12B) 

Dear Parent/Guardians of Grade 12 Students, 

  This year, your son/daughter is required to take a course called Career Life Connections B (CLC 12B or Capstone) 

  • CLC is a 2 credit course.
  • It is a mandatory course, created by the Ministry of Education, required for graduation. 
  • This will be a graded course, and it will appear on their transcript.
  • This course will be completed off-timetable, and your child will be working with a teacher advisor from the school, and a mentor of their choice. 

In this course students will: 

  • Create/Design a Capstone of their choice (they began this process at the end of Grade 11 last year)
  • Work with a Mentor on their Capstone
  • Have periodic check-in interviews with their teacher advisor on their progress
  • Present their Capstone to a panel in May, 2022. 

Please ensure that your child checks TEAMS regularly for important announcements/ information about the course, and for assignments.   The first assignment has been uploaded to TEAMS, and is due on Thursday Oct 21st.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your child’s teacher advisor. 

Please note, if your son or daughter does not complete this course, and receive a passing grade, they will NOT BE ABLE TO GRADUATE. 


Useful Links

Counselling Gr. 12 Microsoft Teams: 4 different channels General, Post Secondary, Scholarship, Mental Health (make sure you check these regularly)

Post Secondary Guide: A Post-Secondary Student's Guide to Success.pdf

Graduation Check List: Grad Requirements  & Grad Check List 

Graduation Letter: Graduation Requirement letter October 2020

Schedule of University Visits: Please see your Microsoft teams channels for this info

University Visits.docx

Canadian Universities Guide: Canadian University Event 2020/21

Post Secondary Dates: Post-Secondary Application Dates.docx 

Parent Presentation: Parent Info Night 2020-21.pptx

Counselling Website (incl. Scholarship info):

My Ed BC

MyEd Homepage Logon (must know login and password)

MyEd BC Instructions for Student Course Requests Entry (step by step instructions for students on how to enter course requests in myEd)

MyEd BC Instructions for Student Course Requests Entry (step by step instructions with visuals for students on how to enter course requests in myEd) 

High School Transcript/BCeID

The website is:

BCeID/STS Login page: Student Transcript 

Student Poster: STS Student Poster.pdf 

Registering for a BCeID and Accessing the StudentTranscripts Service:

BCeID/STS website: Grade 12 students can view their high school transcript using their BCeID login. First, they will need to sign up for BCeID by creating a login and password. Once they do this, they can log in. Through this website, students can view their transcript, send their transcripts electronically to post-secondary institutions within Canada and Internationally, and order extra sealed copies of their official school transcript (after they graduate, July 2020). Students can refer to their Microsoft Teams classroom, and/or come and see their counsellor in person for more details. 

View transcript link: Students will only see their fully completed courses (eg. grade 10/11); however, post-secondary institutions will be able to see their fully completed courses (eg. grade 10/11) as well as their current courses (eg. grade 12).  In addition, post secondary schools will be able to see grade 12 interm marks.  Lastly,  post-secondary institutions will be able to view/access student transcripts only if the student has sent it to them (i.e. given their permission). 

Send/Order transcript link: Students should send their transcript once they have applied to their desired post-secondary schools.  For ordering extra copies of their final high-school transcripts through this website, students should do this after July once their high-school diploma is finalized. 

Please note: In addition to sending their transcript through BCeID to various post-secondary schools, students will also need to do self-reporting as part of their application process.  Each post-secondary institution has different instructions for self-reporting (for example: uploading (UoT), typing in (SFU or UVic), or mailing(Queens)).  For Universities that require mailing (eg. Queens, McMaster), students can request a school transcript from the main office.  This will be prepared in a sealed envelope.    

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