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Grade 12

Useful Links

Post Secondary Guide: A Post-Secondary Student's Guide to Success.pdf

Graduation Check List: Grad Requirements  & Grad Check List 

Graduation Letter: Graduation Requirement letter October 2020

Schedule of University Visits: Please see your Microsoft teams channels for this info

University Visits.docx

Canadian Universities Guide: Canadian University Event 2020/21

Post Secondary Dates: Post-Secondary Application Dates.docx 

Parent Presentation: Parent Info Night 2020-21.pptx

High School Transcript

The website is:

STS Student Poster: STS Student Poster.pdf 

Registering for a BCeID and Accessing the StudentTranscripts Service:

STS/BCeID website: Grade 12 students can view their high school transcript using their BCeID login. First, they will need to sign up for BCeID by creating a login and password. Once they do this, they can log in. Through this website, students can view their transcript, send their transcripts electronically to post-secondary institutions within Canada and Internationally, and order extra sealed copies of their official school transcript (after they graduate, July 2020). Students can refer to their Microsoft Teams classroom, and/or come and see their counsellor in person for more details. 

View transcript link: Students will only see their fully completed courses (eg. grade 10/11); however, post-secondary institutions will be able to see their fully completed courses (eg. grade 10/11) as well as their current courses (eg. grade 12).  In addition, post secondary schools will be able to see grade 12 interm marks.  Lastly,  post-secondary institutions will be able to view/access student transcripts only if the student has sent it to them (i.e. given their permission). 

Send/Order transcript link: Students should send their transcript once they have applied to their desired post-secondary schools.  For ordering extra copies of their final high-school transcripts through this website, students should do this after July once their high-school diploma is finalized. 

Please note: In addition to sending their transcript through BCeID to various post-secondary schools, students will also need to do self-reporting as part of their application process.  Each post-secondary institution has different instructions for self-reporting (for example: uploading (UoT), typing in (SFU or UVic), or mailing(Queens)).  For Universities that require mailing (eg. Queens, McMaster), students can request a school transcript from the main office.  This will be prepared in a sealed envelope.    

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