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Grade 9

Counselling Gr. 9 Microsoft Teams: 2 different channels General, Mental Health (make sure you check these regularly)

Counselling Website:

Course Planning website: Course Planning

VLN form:  VLN form for grade 8 students enrolling in grade 10-12 courses


MyEd Homepage Logon (must know login and password)

MyEd BC Instructions for Student Course Requests Entry (step by step instructions for students on how to enter course requests in myEd)

MyEd BC Instructions for Student Course Requests Entry (step by step instructions with visuals for students on how to enter course requests in myEd) 

Check out Trek outdoor program : http://www.trekoutdoorprogram.... 

Trek is located at Prince of Wales Secondary.  After attending Trek students come back to their home high school. 

Applications are due: January 22, 2020

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