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SWIS - Settlement Workers in Schools

April 22, 2020                                                          

Byng SWIS Program Update:                

In the midst of school closures and social distancing from COVID-19, Byng SWIS Program continues to be active in connecting and engaging the immigrant community from Byng, as well as providing support and services to meet their changing needs.

1.       Byng Project 3B, a school-based immigrant integration program at Byng, has resumed planning and reorganization of the Transition Mentorship Program (TMP) that was originally planned to kickstart in mid April. The TMP is an informative and interactive initiative designed to help G7 newcomer students from feeder elementary schools transition more smoothly to Byng Secondary. On Tuesday April 21, the TMP team started its first virtual Zoom meeting to move the program forward. 

2.       “Outstanding Students” Documentary by Fairchild TV:

Fairchild TV's Magazine 26, a Jack Webster Award Winning Documentary, will be featuring two Byng students, Bobby Ni & Jeff Zhang, in the second half of a special episode called "Outstanding Students". The Program will be aired in Mandarin and Cantonese.                       

  Mandarin         Sunday   26 @7pm on Talentvision                                                                                    Cantonese       Monday  27 @10pm on Fairchild TV

Both Bobby and Jeff have participated in many of Byng Project 3B's activities and programs in the past. Last year, they were among the 54 youth ambassadors taking leadership in the ISSofBC Book Drive fundraiser which was organized by Byng Project 3B. The fundraiser helped raise much-needed education and school supplies, as well as donations for refugee and vulnerable newcomer youth and children.  

温哥华教育局罗宾移民安顿项目快讥                                                                              四月二十二日

在严峻新冠疫情, 学校停课及公众隔离情况下, 罗宾移民安顿项目仍然继续为学校的移民同学及家长提供各项正常及紧急应变的移民安顿服务. 更透过网上平台为移民同学提供领袖训练及志愿者服务的机会.

  • 罗宾移民融洽3B计划 (Byng Project 3B) 是一项在罗宾专为协助新移民融入学校及社区的项目. 现正透过网上Zoom平台策划推动一个名为升中辅导领袖项目,Transition Mentorship Program (TMP), 目的是训练罗宾中学青少年移民领袖为附属小学的7年级新移民同学提供一系例升中资讥讲座, 交流活动及一对一的全方位辅导, 以协助G7新移民同学多了解加拿大中学各方面的运作, 从而减轻初来乍到, 对在新学习缳境中所带来的不安, 焦虑, 甚至 恐惧.  
  • 新时代电视特辑: 本地优秀华裔学生


     透过罗宾移民安顿项目的推荐, Bobby Ni 及Jeff Zhang将成为以上特辑第二部份受访者的焦点人物. 节目用国语及广东话转播:   

       国语         星期日  26号晚上7点     城市电视

      广东话     星期一  27号晚上10点   新时代电视

      Bobby 及 Jeff 曾多次参与及协助罗宾3B计划的活动及担任志愿者工作. 更是去年罗宾3B计划主辨的ISSofBC书籍筹募计划 (Book Drive )其中的青年大使,  竭尽所能地为难民及新移民青少年筹募书籍,学习资源及捐款.  

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