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Physical Education

Physical Education Department

The main goal of the Physical Education department is to develop a life-long appreciation of the value of physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle.  While we focus on skill development and fitness, we place a higher emphasis on active participation, as we strive to promote an appreciation for a healthy long life of physical activity.      

PE Strip should be worn by all students taking part in PE.  PE strip may be acquired from any PE teacher.  Purchasing PE strip may be done online or they may give payment to their PE teacher.

Courses Offered: 

  • PE 8, PE 9, PE 10:  Skill and Game based 
  • Fitness PE:  Co-Ed PE with an emphasis on Fitness and Weight Room training in Term 1 and  Term 2.  Term 3 is activity/game based with Weight Room Training included.
  • Dance PE: Co-Ed P.E class with a different form of dance unit offered in each term. Some  examples of the dances covered are Hip Hop, Indo Jazz and Swing.
  • PE 11 and PE 12: Co-ed Senior Level PE classes with a focus on life-long activities.  This  class also goes on field trips to introduce students to activities outside the curriculum.  Some  of these include Skiing, Golfing, Water sports, Disc Golf, Lawn Bowling and more.*
  • Leadership: Co-ed Senior Level PE class, that is available to students in grades 9 10, 11,  and 12, with a focus on Athletic service.

  * Please note that there will be a fee for this course due to field trip costs.   

Our department is attempting to ”Go Green” so please feel free to review our course outlines online.    

Lord Byng Secondary offers an entertaining Intramural program, available for all students and teachers.   Intramurals take place in the Lord Byng’s Main Gym at lunch time Monday to Friday from 11:40 a.m. to 12:10 p.m. at various times throughout the year.  These are fun, free, team competitions with prizes awarded to the winning participants.  Athletic foot wear and clothing is promoted for all participants.

Intramural Schedule    

VolleyballSeptember and October 
3 on 3 Basketball BasketballOctober and  November
HandballJanuary and February
SoccerFebruary and March
BadmintonApril and May

The Physical Education Department and Lord Byng Athletics work together in order to create a successful program which involves providing opportunities for as many student athletes as possible. Lord Byng Athletics represents the school’s competitive sport program in the Vancouver Secondary School Athletic Association (VSSAA).  Teams compete against other schools, during and after school hours, in Vancouver and against other schools throughout BC.  All the teachers in the Physical Education department coach teams and the PE curriculum is organized around the sport seasons being played.   For example, Volleyball season for girls begins in September therefore the girls first unit is volleyball.  Meanwhile grade 8 and 9 boys start Rugby in September so the boys first unit is Rugby.  

For more information about the VSSAA visit 

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