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New Indigenous artwork revealed on Lord Byng’s gym floor

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Back in April, a group of students at Lord Byng Secondary began working with two Indigenous artists to design a new crest for their gym floor. The crest was designed in collaboration between Kwakwaka ‘Wakw artist, Jason Taylor and Musqueam artist, Cyler Point.

The idea behind this project first started with a student consultation process. After students shared their thoughts and ideas on the design for the crest, they reached out to the artists to develop several concept drawings. 

The artists used Lord Byng’s original logo and redesigned it with two ravens’ heads – one representing the school’s history and the other looking towards the school’s future. The artists say the woven pattern in the crest symbolizes the land of the Musqueam people where the school sits and represents future action towards reconciliation.  

Last Friday, the school hosted an unveiling ceremony where both artists spoke about the meaning of their design. Debra Sparrow, an Indigenous artist and elder of the Musqueam nation also shared teachings of the Musqueam nation. 

“As a school community, building a positive relationship with the local Indigenous communities is important to us,” says Damian Wilmann, the Lord Byng Secondary school principal.

After the new artwork was revealed, both artists dribbled basketballs across the new gym floor and Sparrow shot the first basket to celebrate the school community coming together.  

“Let us lift each other up through the teachings of our history and bring forward the light and truth of reconciliation,” says Sparrow.  

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