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Quarterly Schedule

Quarterly Schedule

See left hand column under 'Resources" for a fillable Q4 Student Schedule to help keep track of when students need to attend. See MyEdBC Instruction below on how to look up your child’s schedule.


The first day of Quarter 4 is April 27th. Students should attend their D2P3 class, students in A block should attend in the morning while B block student attend in the afternoon. To find out if the student is in A or B block please check the letter at the end of the course code. See MyEdBC information below for instructions on checking student schedules.



AM Off timetable courses

8:40 to 10:25


10:30 - 11:30


12:15 - 1:15


1:18 - 3:03


PM Off timetable courses

*class not face to face is remote

Linear Courses

A number of classes are offered as year-long linear classes to allow students in certain key areas of learning to experience yearlong teaching opportunities. Linear teaching classes are divided into both AM and PM offerings and are only offered during FLEX times. Classes that are offered as linear classes include: most AP classes, ELC, Yearbook and Skills.


If you have a linear class your teacher will email you with your schedule.

X1 to X6 courses

The Grade 8 Applied Skills Rotation (ADST) is displayed on a student schedule as an X1-X6 course. These courses will not take place until Quarter 4 – D2(P4) (April 27-June 29), more information will follow on how these classes will be run later in the year.

Remote Learning

During each quarter of the new teaching model every student with a full timetable of 8 classes will have one remote learning opportunity and one direct face to face (F2F) learning opportunity. The remote learning classes will alternate (see rotation schedule: Student F2F Rotation Calendar). During the remote learning classes teachers will be connecting with their classes through the Microsoft Teams Classroom as they did during the Spring Term. Remote learning will be “asynchronous” with teachers required to make a minimum of three direct contacts with students each week. Contacts can include:


  • Asynchronous lessons recorded and posted on Microsoft Teams
  • Individual project work
  • Individual assignments
  • Group projects and teamwork
  • Other

As an important supplement to this remote teaching model staff will have the flexibility and opportunity to supplement the “remote learning” experience for students during daily “flex time” when teachers will  be able to invite students into the school for one on one support and/or additional learning opportunities as needed.


MyEdBC Access

Student Family Portal Login

Login Issues:

  1. The Student Family Portal is case-sensitive so please be aware of whether the Caps Lock is on or off or whether passwords and security answers contain lower and upper-case characters.
  2. If you know the Login ID, Primary Email, and Security Answer
  3. If you do not know the primary email or if the system does not accept the security answer or indicates that you are disabled from using the reset feature
  • Provide/confirm primary email address for the student in the system
  • Allow 24 to 48 hour for processing
  • You will receive an email (sent to the primary email address) with a system randomly generated password. Use it when following this guide: First Time Logging In

For MyEdBC help please click here.

How to find a Student Schedule

Please click here for how to find a student schedule as well as a sample schedule.

Microsoft TEAMS

As mentioned in Mr. Wilmann’s letter dated August 26, 2020 students are asked to update their Microsoft Office 365 accounts as teachers will use Microsoft Teams as their remote learning platform.


Log in to Microsoft Office 365 here.


Your username once set up will be To set it up your account go to and request a password reset using the PEN number (found on past report cards or in MyEdBC). Alternatively please email:


If you have forgotten your password please request a password reset here:  You PEN is required when requesting a password reset (found on past report cards or in MyEdBC).

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