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Tennyson senior choir brings joy to office workers in downtown

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On December 17, the Lord Tennyson Elementary senior choir made their way to downtown Vancouver to spread some holiday cheer. As many parents and teachers know, this time of year can get very busy as the winter break is quickly approaching. With that in mind, the Tennyson choir students decided to perform in front of an office building right in the heart of Vancouver. "It felt good to be able to sing for people who were working and doing their regular jobs. It was fun for us to be able to entertain them," said Avan, a grade 6 choir student.

Funded by the parents of Tennyson Elementary and under the leadership of the school's choir director Catherine Campolin, about 40 grade 4-7 students sang a variety of winter-themed traditional and contemporary music. "The choir brought so much joy and energy to many of the staff and visitors at 1111 West Georgia," said Doug Roch, principal of Lord Tennyson Elementary. "The high ceilings echoed with wonderful music and the feedback of those who stopped to listen was incredible," adds Roch.

After the performance, the students then enjoyed some hot chocolate, a lunch and a variety of treats as a thank you from the office building property manager and staff. What a great way to celebrate prior to the winter break!

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