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Virtual Camps During Spring Break
Grades 8-10.
A faculty member at the UBC Computer Science department, Dr. Michael Gelbart, is organizing these camps (and teaching one of them).
Deconstructing TikTok (March 22-26) Description: What data is collected when you use TikTok or other social media? Should you care? In this Spring Break camp, you’ll learn by turning the tables - unravel “the algorithm”, create your own targeted ads, look behind the scenes of data collection, and more. 
My pandemic story (March 15-19)  The Covid-19 pandemic has affected everyone, but how has it affected you? We’re partnering with a public health doctor to open a two-way dialogue about the lives of young people in a pandemic. You’ll learn how to tell stories and share experiences in new and powerful ways including your choice of writing, video, photo journals, drawings, or even memes. Questions about these camps? Contact Mr. Thrift

Go Cards and Artona Photo Packages
Please pick up your go cards and/or Artona photo packages in the office – remember only 2 people in the office at one time.

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