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Wave Covid goodbye with a magic Magee wand!!

Mysteriously, magic wands have appeared at Magee! They look like a hurting piece of scrap wood but actually not at all!! These are authentic magic wands that if used appropriately will help to wave Covid away!!


Here’s how …

Sterilize your hands

Grab a wand.

When chatting with your friends stay an arm and a wand length apart.

When you’re finished chatting put the wand on one of the tables in the atrium or foyer.

Sterilize your hands.



When used correctly (i.e.: with sterilized hands) a genuine Magee Magic Wand (gMWW) absorbs a little of your positive power and passes your powers onto the next person! Not only do we stay 2 mtrs. apart … but we get increasing doses of positive powers!

But if used incorrectly (e.g.: like a sword)(or with unsterilized hands) the gMWW (genuine Magee Magic Wand) might just give you splinters (or Covid)!

Use a gMWW today and wave goodbye to Covid!

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