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Our Staff

Dr. A. Schofield Principal
Mr. K. Egilsson Vice Principal
Ms. B. Dowle Vice Principal
Kanavos, George
Grade 12 Counsellor

Gr.8 Surnames A to GAO & Leaders 8
Lercher, Lynn
Grade 11 Counsellor

Gr.8 Surnames GAR to LAK
Miladinovic, Pat
Grade 10 Counsellor

Gr.8 Surnames LAN to S, ELL8, International 8
Nordman, Lisa
Grade 9 Counsellor

Gr.8 Surnames T-Z, SPARTS 8
Support Staff:
Carpenter, Zoya Records Clerk
Chan, ElisabethSettlement
Edwards, MichaelSchool&Student Support
Horne, Kelsey Receptionist
Jolin, SusanSchool&Student Support
Kwong, Debbie School Secretary
Lal, HaroldSchool
Li, Jun School Accountant
Milligen, PatrickSchool&Student Support
Morabito, JoshSchool & Student Support Learning Services SACY
Song, SusannaMulticultural
Tingle, BeverleySchool&Student Support
Wilson, BrianSchool&Student Support
Please send transcript requests to
Teacher’s Last Name First Name Email Address
Bourgh Kyla
Brownrigg Rick
Bylsma Dieder
Byrne Meghan
Chalmers Holly
Chen Pamela
Collier Michael
Ebeling Susanne
Eng-Reyes Jennifer
Forgeron Jann Marie
Grier Sandra
Haas Christopher
Hall Steve
Hawbolt Kelly
James Susanna
Jay Norman
Jung Susan
Kanavos George
Kuk Helen
Latimer Brian
Lee Michael
Lehmann Renate
Lercher Lynn
MacDonald Lorna
MacGarvie Noemi
Mah Wayne
Mahnger Ruby
Mayer Colin
McLennan Peter
Morrison Hamish
Nute Thomas
Ollerenshaw Keith
Pearson Susan
Printz Lisa
Quan Greg
Quan Tina
Robinson Andrew
Ropchan Kate
Saatchi Parvaneh
Scott James
Sheldan Dory
Siracusa Gabe
Taylor Jesse
Thale Anu
Thrift Gordon
Ting Pierre
Tsang Chris
Waterman Michael
Wong Garth

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