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Mainstage auditions are after spring break every year.  Auditions for this year are now open! YOU MUST BE ENROLLED AT MAGEE TO AUDITION.  

For more information about our shows, the program, or auditions, please contact Ms. Byrne: or Mr. Waterman:

Mainstage is an intensive acting and production program in the senior years of Drama at Magee. 

Mainstage students become members of a production company with students playing a variety of roles as actor, director, and technician.  A wide range of productions usually includes comedies, dramas, musicals, and children’s touring programs.  In addition, students have extensive exposure to field professionals, workshops, festivals, and conferences.

Magee Mainstage puts special emphasis on orienting students to post-secondary programs and the profession through career counselling and audition coaching.  Mainstage is a two-year program, which gives credit for two courses in each year.

Prerequisite: A strong background in Drama is required.  Enrollment is limited and depends on an audition and the student’s specialization.  Magee Mainstage is an intensive production program for serious acting students and those who seek a challenge beyond that usually offered at the secondary level.  The highest standards of work and dedication are required

Tickets for our shows can be found in the links to the left. 

 These pictures are from 2016's Legally Blonde

 Please enjoy the pictures below from 2017's musical : CABARET!

 Here are a few pictures from Cinderella 2018!

 Here are a few pictures from Rock of Ages 2019!

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