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Message from the Counselling Department...

Welcome Back Magee STUDENTS!


Your Counsellors look forward to connecting with you during School 2020   Re- Opening


Due to COVID 19, we want to respect the health and safety protocols in place for our community. Please contact us if you need a wellness check-in. 

How do you contact us?

Just send us an email or call us during school hours @ 604-713-8200


Surnames  A to GAO         Mr. G. Kanavos

Leaders 8


Surnames  GAR to LAK    Ms. L. Lercher


Surnames LAN to S          Mrs. P Miladinovic                    

 ELL 8, International 8


Surnames T -Z                  Ms. L. Nordman

SPARTS 8          


GRADE  9                          Ms. L. Nordman                                               

GRADE 10                 Mrs. P Miladinovic

GRADE 11                     Ms. L. Lercher  

GRADE 12                   Mr. G. Kanavos  

Guidelines for Timetable Changes - September 2020

Important Background Information:

Our detailed course planning process was completed before Spring Break when students entered their choices on the computer.  During the summer, several ongoing revisions were completed in consultation with the counsellor.


Because of Covid 19….

With the number of course choices and programs we offer, and the need to create and maintain Learning Groups, student schedules had to be re- adjusted within a VERY CONDENSED time period.

The timeline on timetable changes this year is EXTREMELY tight with the recent introduction of the Quarter system. 


Students will not have the luxury of “trying” classes out; we cannot compromise class bubbles. 


We want to respect the health and safety protocols in place for our community. At this time, regretfully there are no drop- ins to see your counsellor.

Week One

Tuesday, September 8th until Friday, September 11th


  • Students log into their MyEd Portal on Tuesday, September 8, 2020  to see their schedules.
  • If Students need to reset their MyEd Password, email .State your name, student #, and reason for email.
  • Counsellors are only able to review course changes for a very limited time and for the above stated reasons.
  • As in past years, counsellors may not be able to accommodate all course change requests.  
  • Students can check out Mr. Egilsson’s video information on how to read their schedule .
  • Counsellors will review schedules and Quarter 1 course request forms. Due to health and safety constraints, face to face appointments regretfully cannot be requested.
  • All requests for a course change MUST be made by submitting Course Change online form.
  • Counsellors will contact student only if more information is required.
  • Students may access updated schedules in their MyEd Portal.
  • If student’s request is approved, the updated schedule will be posted on the student’s MyEd portal.
  • Changing a class in Quarters 2, 3, or 4.
  • Changing teachers or to be in a friend’s class.


 Reasons for Submitting a Course Change Request

  •    Incomplete Quarter 1 Schedule
  •    Change as a result of Summer School &/or Online course(s) ((directly     impact course already on Magee schedule) Please attach report card.

Where is the form?

  • Please access the online form posted on the Magee Website, Guidance and Support.
  • Completed forms must be submitted online no later than September 11.

What happens next?

  • Students should NOT submit a change form for: 


Week Two -First Week of Classes

Monday, September 14th until Friday, September 18th


Counsellors to review schedules and Quarter 1 requests 

Counsellors will contact student if more information is required


Students can access updated schedules in their MyEd Portal.


Beyond Week Two: Monday, September 21st onwards 

How do I request changing a course in Quarter 2,3,4? When can I make a face to face appointment with my counsellor?

Once the counsellors have completed the review of Quarter 1 schedules and requests, they will inform students of this next step.

We appreciate your understanding. Please know that even if you did not get the course change you wanted, and /or could not meet directly with your counsellor during this School Startup that the Magee counsellors are genuinely committed  to supporting you during  this unprecedented  year and truly hope to see you in person soon. 🤗

Unfortunately, at this time, there are no “drop ins”.

Here's the link to the form "2020-2021 Course Request Change Form":


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