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Our Staff

Regular Program
Division 1      Mrs. Humeniuk
Division 2      Ms Plavan
Division 3     Ms Karakanta
Division 4      Mr Naipaul
Division 5      Mr. McDonough
Division 6      Ms Brown/Ms Tsang
Division 7      Ms Yeung/Ms Humphry
Division 8      Ms Chester/Ms MacNiel
Division 9      Ms Garrod
Division 10   Ms Shoemaker
Division 11    Ms Seebaran/Ms Tang
Division 12    Ms Wong
Division 13.  Ms Lam
Division 14   Ms Hales

Montessori Program
Division 15      Ms Burghall
Division 16      Ms Griffiths
Division 17     Ms Bartlett
Division 18     Ms Adams                             
Division 19      Mrs. Boulanger
Division 20      Ms Lin
Division 21      Ms Belliveau/Ms Hart
Division 22      Ms Kao

Resource Team
Mr Richard-Krafchek
Ms Watkins
Ms Serbic
Ms Ahn
Ms Tang
Ms Lyons               Counsellor
Ms Land                 Speech Language Pathologist
 Ms Goddard          Home Instruction
Prep Teachers
Ms Griesdale
Mr. Richard-Krafchek
Mr Collins
Supervision Aides
Ms Emery
Ms Ma
Ms Szeto
Ms Liu
School and Student Support Workers
Ms Oleksiew
Mr. Johnson
Ms Corbett
Ms Blackler
Ms Forsberg
Ms Fiskilis
Ms Politis
Ms. Schikkerling
Mr Evans                                        Principal
Ms Smith                                        Vice Principal
Ms Peters                                        Administrative Assistant/Secretary
Ms Lincoln                                     Extra Clerical
Phone:  604-713-5356 
Safe Arrival:  604 713 5159 Ext. 48
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