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About Us

Our vision of success for our learners is to develop the skills and competencies that are important and valuable in the society they live in today.  In today’s world, the skills that students need to succeed in the world are different than the skills that were once needed (ie. familiarity with rapidly changing technologies, employers looking for creative problem solvers and an ability to work collaboratively with others).  Our world is changing rapidly and new ideas are continuously evolving.  We live in an information filled world and we want our students to develop the skills they need to navigate through the vast amount of information in a critical way and to be adept at finding answers to questions they have.  We want our students to have a desire to explore their world with a sense of wonder and curiosity and to ask deep questions about their world which can be explored further.  We want our students to be able to work collaboratively and to be flexible creative thinkers and innovators so they can be confident problem solvers and make decisions which will have a positive impact on our society.  We want them to be respectful, kind and empathetic and to be able to use multiple strategies to solve problems.  We want them to be able to persevere and to be able to rethink their ideas if they are not successful and to be resilient in times of uncertainty.
Our learners are enthusiastic and excited to come to school.  They come with many experiences and they like to share those with others.  They are active learners and are compassionate and empathetic towards each other.
There is a significant amount of parent participation in the school.  The PAC is very active and hosts many activities and fund raising events throughout the year.  The parent community is very involved in the school and actively participates in many school events such as field trips, noisy reading, assemblies, Sport’s Day, etc.  The parents are very passionate about the school and the learning experiences their children engage in.

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