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Week of November 25 - 29

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Week of November 25 - 29

Hello Families and Friends,

Wow! What a night our PAC movie fundraiser turned out to be. Thank you to everyone who pitched in to help out. The treats were delicious, children enjoyed themselves, parents mingled and by 8:30 pm, when everyone left, the gym floor was sparkling clean!! It was a fantastic effort put in by everyone, both before and after the movie ended. Thank you parents and volunteers.

Here is our week ahead:


9:15 Primary Monday Morning Meeting (assembly) – everyone welcome

12:00 Dance Express


9:00 – 1:00 Kids Lit Quiz

3:00 Super Science Club


3:30 Homework Club

SAVE THE DATE! (a message from Ms. Fantini, our music teacher)

Come and celebrate the magic and spirit of this holiday season with our talented students performing winter inspired music of 'This Magic Season' (By: T & P Jennings)

DATE: Thursday December 12th: 6 pm PERFORMANCE (1:30 pm Dress Rehearsal) in the gym.

This 30 minute holiday musical will conclude with a fun and engaging sing-a-long portion for our community to experience together.

**FOOD DONATIONS are warmly welcomed and encouraged as admission to the holiday concert.


For the next month at Mount Pleasant we will be having our Food Bank drive. Ms. Dikeakos and Ms. Kenon found out from the Vancouver Food Bank what types of donations they need and they turned it into a song … actually they co-opted another famous tune and made the food bank list into lyrics. If you look at the photo attached to this message you will see the song. Have a look and, if you are able, add a few of these items to your shopping lists.

These donations not only help those in need, but they also improve the mental wellbeing of the giver. Every time we donate or give something away to a good cause we are rewarded with sense of joy. Take advantage of this and pass this joy of giving on to your child. If you can spare an item or two, send them to school with your child to fill the boxes we have in every classroom.

Ms. Dikeakos and Ms. Kenon also would like to pass on the message that a monetary donation to the Vancouver Food Bank is also extremely valuable. Each dollar donated will gather the equivalent of three dollars worth of food. We will keep you posted as to opportunities to give financially as well. If you would like to donate directly to the food bank, Mount Pleasant has its own donation page which you can reach by clicking on this link

I hope you have a wonderful week,

Jonathan Weresch

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