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Week of October 21 - 25

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Hello Families and Community,

First of all I would like to acknowledge many of you who took some time out in the past few weeks for Rosh Hashanah (New Year) and Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement). Shana Tovah and G'mar Hatima Tova.

In the coming two weeks many of you will be celebrating Diwali. Here in Vancouver there are many opportunities to celebrate light over darkness and the freeing of Guru Hargobind Ji. If you are interested in attending an event there are some lower mainland options posted at

School Fees

We are still collecting school fees. Whereas in some BC school districts parents are asked to provide pencils, workbooks, glue sticks, eraser, crayons, etc., here in Vancouver schools buy these supplies in bulk and ask that the parents contribute $35. This is heavily discounted price from the retail value of the supplies that each child uses in the school year. We also have a performance fee (to pay for artists to come and present at whole-school assemblies) and an agenda fee (many, not all divisions) to pay for your child's agenda. There is no profit made on any of these items and the savings for the bulk buying are all yours.

If you have not done so already please go to the top of this page and click on the button "School Fees" to pay for this. Thank you.


By now you will have received a notice from your child's teacher regarding conferences. These are great opportunities to set some goals with your child regarding the school year. The key to good goal setting is to aim for things that are a stretch but not unachievable. If the goals are too easily achievable or out of reach children will often be less engaged. The sweet spot is in setting high but realistic expectations. I wish you the best as you navigate this with your teacher.

Here is our week ahead

All Week -- Div 6 Clean Up -- Thank you for helping keep Mount Pleasant clean


All Day -- Canada Election in Gym

9:15 Monday Morning Meeting (assembly) -- Intermediate Grades. Please note new location Upstairs Open Area


2:00 pm Early Dismissal -- Conferences

2:00 pm Scholastic Book Fair in Library


All day Artist in Residence Divs 1-3

2:00 pm Early Dismissal -- Conference

2:00 pm Scholastic Book Fair in Library

3:30 pm Soccer Finals


Last Day of Scholastic Book Fair


NO SCHOOL for students -- Province-wide Professional Development Day

Now a link from our school nurse. The role of the school nurse is to work side-by-side with teachers, education assistants, counsellors and administrators to educate children and families. We are very fortunate to have Ms. Christine Thompson working with us. She will be helping us teach classes about (among other things) nutrition, healthy habits, illness and abuse preventions. Ms Thomposn is also a valuable resource for us in interpreting medical data and recommendations from outside agencies as they pertain to individual students.

Nurse Thompson has asked that I pass on this link form Vancouver Coastal Health. Here are some helpful hints that could help you and your child stay safe and healthy this halloween.

Have a great week,

Jonathan Weresch

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