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2021 April News

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Hello Mount Pleasant Families,



What wonderful weather we are having!!   The last few days HUB cycling was at our school helping our grade 6-7 students with their cycling skills and the joy of being on a bike in beautiful weather is inspiring.


1.      Tsleil-Waututh Nation Solar Panels

2.      Message from PAC

3.      Construction on 7th Ave and Guelph

4.      School Photos

5.      Mount Pleasant School Active Travel Survey

6.      Plant Sale Follow Up

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1.      Gratitude to the Tsleil-Waututh Nation


The sunshine is a benefit for one of our three host nations.  In their efforts for conservancy and their mandate as stewards of this land the Tsleil-Waututh Nation has constructed the Lower Mainland’s largest array of solar panels.  For more information about this great project please see this link .  We would like to thank the Tsleil-Waututh Nation for their wisdom and action of conservancy for the land we live on.


2.      Message from the PAC executive


Hi fellow parents and caregivers!


The MTP Parent Advisory Committee would love to be able to communicate directly with you!


We have an email newsletter where we send out updates (never more than once/week!) about the various things the school community is doing to make this community great - even in the time of COVID!


To learn more about what we do, please sign up for our email list! (You don't even have to come to a Zoom meeting, if you don't want to!)


Thanks for your time

MTP PAC Executive Committee!


3.  Construction on 7th Ave and Guelph


The City of Vancouver is improving the areas around our school.  The contractor sent the parent community a letter to explain what is happening.  Please see the attached document.

4. School Photos


The Vancouver School Board has given us permission to go forward with school photos.  The requirements are that they be taken outside and that they be only individual, not class or panorama shots.  We have booked Edge Imaging to take our photos this year.  Our photo date is April 28th.


5.  Mount Pleasant School Active Travel Survey


Our PAC has been in contact with the Liliana Quintero of the City of Vancouver and the SATP.  Please read the message below and participate in the survey (see attachment).  Thank you.

It was great to connect with you and the school community in early 2021 during the PAC meeting.


As you know Mount Pleasant Elementary started the SATP program in 2017/18. Please see Year 1 summary report here.  

The next step of the program is to complete the Follow-up Travel Survey.


Data from the survey will help inform school’s progress when it comes to active travel.


·        Take-home surveyApril 19 – April 30, 2021

o   Parents will be asked which mode of transportation they use to travel to/from school and general travel preferences

o   This survey is collected online (1 survey per child)

6.  Plant Sale Follow-Up

Thank you everyone who participated in the plant sale.  Thanks to you we have an extra $500 to purchase sensory toys for students with special  needs. 

We hope you are all well and I wish you a safe weekend in the sunshine.

Jonathan Weresch 

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