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Happy Summer

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Hello Mount Pleasant Community,


We are now at the end of the strangest school year I have experienced in my 25 years as an educator.  To the families that have been touched by this disease I want you to know that the Mount Pleasant community is here to support you and we hope that you heal soon.

There is a lot of uncertainty about what next September will look like.  Fortunately we have had the opportunity this June to learn how to function as a safe school for students and staff during a pandemic.  These practices will continue to be fine-tuned as we learn more from the health offices and governments.  We will let you know more about the September start up as summer progresses.

Every June we say goodbye to some staff.  This year is no exception.  We want to thank Ms. Laporte and Ms. Cotton for their work in our intermediate classrooms this year.  We will also miss the kind and dependable Ms. Yuen who helped many of our children, staff, and parents while working in the office Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.  Thank you Ms. Laporte, Ms. Cotton, and Ms. Yuen.

For many Mount Pleasant students the greatest void will be felt with the retirement of Karen Husak.  Ms. Husak has seen many of our students progress from Kindergarten through high-school, and many of her earlier students now have families of their own.  She has spent a career being a passionate educator with an expertise in teaching reading, primary education, English language acquisition, and, most of all, in teaching kindness.  Ms. Husak, thank you for being such an important part of our community; we wish you long-lasting health and happiness in your retirement. 

I personally would like to thank the many parents and community members who have volunteered their time to improve the experience of children at our school.  The tireless and energetic PAC attendees not only came up with great ideas, but they always backed up their ideas with hours of volunteer work.  Thank you also to every one of you who helped our students in the classroom, on field trips, with reading, at sports events, or even in bringing cupcakes for everyone on student birthdays.  These small acts of kindness make our children enjoy school, enjoy learning, and thrive as they grow up.

Finally, underneath this message (below the sign-off) is a message from the Vancouver School Board.  Given that learning and the how school operates changed dramatically after March 13 the district would like your to hear your and your children’s voices.  Please read the following and, if you have time, complete a short survey. 


Have a great summer,


Jonathan Weresch


Dear Mount Pleasant Families,

As the school year winds down, we all hope your families are all well and ready to head into the summer. 


It is important to everyone at the Vancouver School District to learn from you as families what, over the past few months, has worked well and where improvements can be made.  Here you can find a link to a short survey; we are eager to hear from you and welcome your feedback.  The surveys will close on Friday, June 26th at 3pm. 



Please take the time to share your input via the survey to help the District as we look forward to supporting you and your children in September.



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