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Plant Fundraiser -- Cheer Up Your Home / Support Students

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Hello Families and Community

We are excited to announce that Mount Pleasant will be having a fundraiser to support more outdoor learning and also to buy sensory learning tools. As we are in the middle of a pandemic what better way to beautify your home or neighbourhood than by planting a garden. 

We have teamed up with growing smiles, a local nursery in the Fraser Valley, to bring you some beautiful plants. From hanging baskets to herbs, succulents to vegetables. Plant the garden of your dreams and support your childs learning at the same time. 

Please see link below for ordering info. We are open for business and our last day for ordering will be April 8th 2021. All orders will be available for pick up outside the school on April 22nd 2021 after school. 

Please feel free to forward the link to family and friends. Thanks so much for all of your support. If you have any questions please forward them to

Happy planting,


Marisa Dikeakos SSSW

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